Finding the right balance.

This morning I left my house at 6:40am to go for a run.  It was already 79 degrees and the dew point was 77 which means it felt like, um, sort of like a, what’s a good description?  Oh yeah, THE SUN!

Running in Florida be like….

running in florida

In all honesty, after taking Monday, Tuesday and also Wednesday off, I didn’t care.  I needed to go for a run today.  My body needed it, my mind needed it and I feel a thousand times better.  That being said I’m not sorry I took 3 days off because my body and my mind needed that as well.


Most of the time you hear about people not getting enough exercise but it’s also possible to get too much.  I think one of the keys to staying healthy mentally and physically is finding the right balance and learning what works for you.

Usually when I’m out running I like to think about what I need to do that day, organize my thoughts and figure out what to tackle and when but today, I was thinking about balance and an article that I read earlier in the week about a woman who was criticized for working out with her children.

fit momI didn’t see anything wrong with how she works out.  I mean, she’s actually including her children and they seem to enjoy it and she’s obviously confident with her skill level so what’s the big deal?

I’d rather hear about a mother working out with her children than mothers like these.

This lady who left her twins at home sleeping while she went to work out.

And this lady who left her son locked in a car while she went to the gym.

And this mother who takes the cake, she’d surely get a prize for worst of the worst if there was such a thing.

leaving child in carShe left her 4 month old in a car alone not once, but twice in one day so that she could work out!

It’s not just women who do this sort of thing either.  Here’s a story of a man who left his eight month old baby inside a running, unlocked car, in a parking garage while he worked out for 90 minutes!

Why would anyone shame that fit mom for working out with her children with so many stories like this?

My son is grown now so I don’t have to worry about finding time to exercise or juggling exercise and mommy duties but when he was younger, I think I did a pretty good job of it.  Sometimes I worked out when he was sleeping and sometimes when he was with family or at school but that wasn’t always possible.  Many times I had to incorporate my fitness with his playtime and we spent a lot of time at the park together playing soccer, riding bikes, or hanging on the monkey bars and we both had a good time.  It may not have been the type of workout that I would have chosen but it worked.

It’s all about finding balance.

What do you think about the fit mom who works out with her kids?

7 thoughts on “Finding the right balance.

  1. There’s been a couple of fit moms who’ve been criticized for working out. everyone’s a critic.

    I took Mon, Tues and Wed off, too! LOL And I, too, ran today. 4 miles through the largest rural cemetery 😉 it’s kinda cool so it wasn’t too bad.

    • Running through a cemetery sounds so cool. I love looking at the dates on the headstones and trying to figure out what kind of lives they lived. I’d probably get lost in there for hours!

      • Just straight back was 2 miles so you can spend a whole day there. It’s Ohlsdorf. I hope to explore it (without running) at some point before I leave.

          • I am going to be bad today and not run and just check out the cemetery instead. But! At least I am walking! Right?! Ha.
            (I was pretty hungry and mentally tired after work. Although I could run at 9 since it’s still light out – I love northern Europe summers!)

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