Colin leaves us with one casualty…sort of

Colin’s visit was short but long enough to leave us with some flooding.

water in back yard

Okay, maybe it’s more like puddles.


but they’re big puddles…

We actually got off easy compared to some.  My in laws had some damage to their pool cage, I’m not sure if we had any real damage to the Nokomis house because no one has been by there but here in Clearwater, we had one casualty.


The mailbox is down!

Can I tell you a secret?

I was ecstatic.  I know, it sounds bad, but there’s a good reason.  You see MacGyver put that mailbox up and the stand is actually a crankshaft from his prized possession, his 67 Pontiac Lemans Convertible.  A muscle car.

I get it.  I really do.  Dudes love their cars and this one was MacGyver’s first love and it still sits in our garage all these years later awaiting the restoration that will one day come.  But a crankshaft mailbox?  It would never have been my choice.  I love shoes but I would never put in a shoe mailbox, would you?

shoe mailbox

Oh look, it’s a shoe I don’t love. Imagine that.

It doesn’t really matter anyway because within 30 minutes and during a torrential downpour MacGyver put it back up.  According to MacGyver, the bottom of it had corroded due to large amounts, (and repeated splashing), of dog pee.  Not just our dogs but every dog in the neighborhood that passes by.  Over time the acidity of the urine broke down the metal and it caved under the pressure.

*Also, all the dogs around here are on my side.

MacGyver was able to trim off the bottom and repost the stand, albeit a foot shorter.  I’m sure my mailman loves me now that he has to get out of the vehicle to put the mail in our box.


Oh Great!

So, I guess we are stuck with the crankshaft again.  I had no say in the matter.  Unless we get another storm, and then, well, we will see.

If something were to happen to the current mailbox, we could at least compromise.  I’d be okay with something we both like.

Maybe this one?

motor mailbox

Now this one works for me.

Needless to say with all the rain, I didn’t run yesterday.  I didn’t do much of anything.  It rained so much that I wasn’t really able to get outside at all.  In fact, my total steps for yesterday were less than 3,400.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have to outrun the storm.

I didn’t run this morning either but I did take the dogs for a walk, I had to thank them for all the help with the mailbox situation after all.  I also walked around the yard to pick up some of the debris which has already put me over the total amount of steps I got yesterday so there’s a win.  I’ll take it.


It’s probably not enough debris to give me 10,000 steps….

What is your weather like today?

What kind of mailbox do you  have?

8 thoughts on “Colin leaves us with one casualty…sort of

  1. Oh your mail carrier is thrilled he/she has to get out of his vehicle to put mail in box. Do you sense my sarcasm wink wink? I know as I am a carrier. Ps..have to say that’s a unique mailbox you got going on there:)))

  2. Haha my mailbox is a little beat up. The bottom of the post is a bit rotted away. I do plan on replacing it. I saw a stone facade one which would match the house but $100 is too much for a mailbox.

    Maybe you can take the crankshaft to Nokomis? Kinda gross that there’s all that dog pee on it lol

  3. LOL love the mailboxes! This morning we discovered that the (tin) roof at our offices collapsed. Luckily it was the roof over the warehouse where we store engines and not the roof over our offices! I can only imagine what things would look like when/if an actual hurricane hits!

    • I’m glad it wasn’t your offices too. The winds here only lasted about 15 minutes but if they’d have been any stronger or longer who knows how bad it would have been. It’s crazy how fast the weather can destroy things…

  4. I feel your mailbox pain!! My dad has his and my moms mailbox bungee tied to a cement pole that he had poured in the ground. It looks so ghetto, but he refuses to get a new one because the mailbox has been hit so many times. Sadly we don’t get any hurricanes here that would be able to take out the mailbox, so I think it’s here to stay🙈

    • LOL, I love it! Your dad and my MacGyver are cut from the same cloth! Maybe the next time someone hits it, it will get stuck under their car and they’ll drag it away. 🙂

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