WTF Wednesday fitbit tans and shark attacks

Yesterday was super busy and we had to get a ton of things done before heading back here to Clearwater.  After I ran that morning, Mom and I walked all three of the dogs and then while MacGyver was at work putting in some windows, we got to work on our house.

We cleaned out the closets and took bags full of clothing to the goodwill.  We swept, mopped and vacuumed the entire house and we washed all of the dirty towels.  When we finally finished all of those things we had to run over to lowes and get new air filters and weed eater string.  That afternoon I mowed the entire lawn and then ran the weed eater.

After we finished everything on our to do list I realized MacGyver had cut a bunch of trees and left the logs laying on the bank and he also left out all of his fishing stuff so I had to move all of the logs and then stack them up by the grill and then I cleaned the kayak and put away all of MacGyver’s fishing stuff.  Seven hours after we first started, we finally finished.

When MacGyver got back he asked me if I had locked up the cabana and I said no at which point he looked over at me and said, ‘well what the hell did you do all day?’


I know, I can’t believe he’s still alive either.

I obviously worked my ass off since I put over 35,000 miles on my fitbit!

This morning I got up and ran/walked 5 miles again and then came back to walk the dogs.  I decided to take a quick shower before diving into work since I‘ve got a hella busy day.  Just as I was jumping in the shower I removed my fitbit and then I realized, I’ve become one of those people.

fit bit tan

I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to check out the mail and current events yet but I did see this article and I really needed to share it with you because this woman is basically crazy.

5-18-2016 9-43-58 AMWho leaves that on?  A crazy person, right?

WTF, it really must be Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday fitbit tans and shark attacks

  1. The poor shark died.

    Windows, ha! It’s laughable how bad the sealant on mine are. What a headache.

    This evening it was rainy so today has become a rest day (which is good because I was really hungry this afternoon and didn’t want to run straight after work. Thank you Mother Nature)

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