WTF Wednesday, 90 is the new 60.

We were hanging out by the dock in Englewood with the parents earlier in the week when the new neighbors came outside.  They said hello and we all started talking and they mentioned there was only one vacant lot left in the neighborhood and that it wasn’t for sale.

They knew this for a fact because they had tried to purchase it a few years earlier.  They said the owner, who was 94 years old, told them there is no way she’s going to sell that lot because she’s planning on building a house there one day.   Apparently your building skills must kick in around 97 or 98, I can’t wait.

funny old person

When I took the mom’s to Pinecraft we met an older lady who was a baker.  She was quite sweet and while talking with her she mentioned that her mother still loves to bake.  My mother in law asked her how old her mother was and she said 95.  We asked if she was in good health and she said yes.  She said she visited with the nurse recently and the nurse said her heart, lungs and everything else are in excellent condition and that she’ll be here another 10 years to which her mother replied, ‘Oh no, I better go get myself a job!’


Mom and I were comparing steps on the fitbit last week.  We noticed that early in the morning I had a couple hundred more steps than she did even though we got up at the same time.  Obviously I need to send my bladder a thank you card.  Who knew getting up to pee at least 2 or 3 times a night was so healthy for you?

Yes I am one of those weirdo’s that sleeps in her fitbit, don’t judge.

fitbit kip

Oh Dayum!

If you haven’t watched it yet, there is a documentary out on Netflix called Sugar Coated.  It’s pretty scary if you happen to love sugar nearly as much as I do.  The gist of the documentary is that Sugar is toxic and the sugar industry knows it and has for some time and yet they continue to promote it and it’s even being added to all kinds of foods.


Unfortunately it’s going to take a mountain to cure my addiction because I finished watching it and immediately had some of this…..

chocolate lasagna

Why make one when you can make two?

chocolate lasagna.  It is insane.  You need some.

I was lamenting over my inevitable sugar demise when MacGyver said to me, ‘you know somebody told me there are websites that you can find where people actually show you how to make the foods you love but healthy versions.’


Tell me are there websites about running or exercise?  Do we even live in the same house?

WTF, it’s Wednesday!

Tell me who the oldest person in your family is.

Tell me the craziest thing that happened recently that made you say, WTF?

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