Thursday, Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Margarita yo.

cinco de mayo

We don’t really celebrate over here unless MacGyver has a coupon for a good Mexican restaurant and then, well, happy Cinco de Mayo bitches!

I don’t have much to tell you about this morning because I spent over an hour on the phone trying to get my site back up after someone tried to hack into it.  God only knows why.  People are strange.

It was probably the same guy MacGyver saw walking around the mall yesterday with a selfie stick.  Just why?  Weirdo’s.


This is just a mall. Even with a selfie, it’s still just a mall. A MALL!

The one thing that I do have to tell you is that lately every time I’ve gone out for a run I’ve felt pretty much like this,

making friends

But today was awesome.  The weather was beautiful and I was well rested so I went out for the most lovely 6 miles ever.  Slow, but really nice.

Happy Thursday. Happy Cinco de Mayo, Happy day!

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or do you?

Have you ever had to call a paramedic while out running?  I have but it was for someone else.  I know, shocker!

2 thoughts on “Thursday, Cinco de Mayo

  1. I don’t celebrate it. But! Thursday’s the social run I try to make(that ends with a keg from a local brewery) so I will be today.

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