Thursday, Cars and the idiots who drive them, edition 9,999,999,999

This morning I went out for a run.  I was only a short distance from my house and I had just passed the first four way stop when I noticed a Chrysler 300 approaching from the right.  Since I was already in the intersection I figured he would obey the traffic laws and actually stop.

nope, youre wrong

He barely slowed down and was literally only a few feet from me so I sped up in order to avoid getting hit.  It wasn’t like he was distracted, he totally saw me and just wanted to be an asshole.


What I wouldn’t give to be a policeman sometimes…..

I was pissed, but even more than that, I felt like sort of a bad ass.  Not bad ass like I’m all fast and shit but bad ass like I just played chicken with your automobile ass and I won, sucker!

racing a car

You really don’t want to race me car, you really don’t.

I realized a little while later than I’m sort of an idiot and one should never try to outrun, or play chicken, with a car.  Especially a car driven by an asshole.

Tell me about your latest close encounter.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, Cars and the idiots who drive them, edition 9,999,999,999

  1. Did you go for a run in my neck of the woods?

    I see it quite often down here. I’ve stopped to avoid being backed into and just stared at the driver lol probably not too risky in my neighborhood but still no wise.

    I run in the streets here and not the sidewalk (remembering your post about the runner who was hit and got a ticket). I think drivers will be able to see me easier in the road than the sidewalk that’s obscured with obstacles.

    Glad you’re safe.

    • It’s amazing how often I think about getting ticket, hehe, but I would rather risk it in some cases than run near the sidewalks here. The reality is, it’s just too dangerous.

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