Thrifty books, bobcats, and beats from the drum.

Last Friday after Mom and I hit up a shit ton of garage sales and found a ton of deals we all piled in the car and headed down to Nokomis.   We had to get here before the permit office closed so MacGyver could pull a permit to install some windows.

When we got here, I checked the mail and found an unexpected little check.


Actually receiving money in the mail when you didn’t know it was coming two hours before the stores close looks more like this…

thrift store

After Mom and I went to some thrift stores and I scored some awesome things we realized that Mom forgot most of her clothes.  I’m not joking.  She left them on the bed back in Clearwater.  Fortunately I have the best kid in the world and he offered to make the hour drive and bring them to her and then drive all the way back so he could go to work the next morning.  I know he’s my kid and I may be biased but he has a heart of Gold!

And also, Friday the 13th was pretty lucky for me, for Mom, not so much.

We were pretty tired that night so after dinner we all just went to bed.  What I didn’t realize is that Mom was on a covert mission and working on a list behind the closed doors of her room.

On Saturday morning I ran 5 miles in the morning on the Legacy Trail while MacGyver put in windows and since MacGyver is going to be busy working while we’re down here, Mom presented the list to me.

yard sale

Oh really?

So, all day on Saturday we shopped and shopped and shopped.  I got some pretty good stuff so I can’t complain.  At an Estate Sale that we went to later in the afternoon I got a brand new set of cookware, still in the box for only 35 bucks!  And believe it or not my favorite purchase of the day was a book that I got for a quarter.  I probably live under a rock but this is a story that I’m not familiar with and I can’t wait to read it.

professor and madman

That night we went to our favorite restaurant, Left Coast Seafood, Co. with Mom and MacGyver’s parents because Friday the 13th continued to produce and some good friends that we let use our house for a few days left us a 100 dollar gift certificate.  We definitely got the better deal.

Immediately after dinner we rushed over to the drum circle.


Me and the Mams

the rents

Mom and Dad J ready to drum.

Nokomis, Florida has one of the largest drum circles around and if you ever come here you must put it on your to do list and the sunsets aren’t that bad either, I mean, if your into that sort of thing.

Drum Circle


On Sunday morning I decided to run on the Legacy Trail again and guess what I saw?

Go ahead, guess.


This is not my picture but a seriously close representation, I swear!

I saw a bobcat!  It was amazing.  I didn’t get really close because it ran back into the wooded area from where it came but I was happy just to get a glimpse of it.  It definitely made my weekend.  Made it!

It was hard to top the bobcat sighting but we made the most valiant effort and spent the rest of the day on Sunday out on the water.


And snuggling with these guys,

Hank and Mom

I cannot help the fact that my human is a weirdo. 


Pet my belly, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!


Put down the camera and take me to bed peasant!

We’re going to be down here for a few more days so I hope to get in quite a bit of running on the Legacy Trail.  I’m not even thinking about the running so much as I am trying to see that bobcat again, or a Florida panther, that would just be insane, right?

I may even go to yoga on the beach if I can talk mom into it…maybe I’ll tell her there’s a garage sale right on the beach and then break it to her once we get there….

Have a fabulous Monday.

Have you ever been to a drum circle?
Have you ever seen an endangered species?

2 thoughts on “Thrifty books, bobcats, and beats from the drum.

  1. I didn’t know there were black bobcats! Cool! You see all the wildlife! I used to live in Alaska so I saw quite a few bald eagles.

    Your hair looks cute in the picture with Hank. I am incompetent with barrettes lol

    Hope you get some running in this week!

    • Awe, thank you. I’m not usually good with barrettes either but I was having a bad hair day and had no other options, well I had the cowlick option but I’m pretty sure that’s not ‘in’ right now. hehe

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