Some ice cream, a cupcake, and a donut all go to the pool….

I’m not gonna bitch about the heat or anything since I live in Florida and y’all are probably thinking, ‘hasn’t she lived there for like a billion years?  Doesn’t she realize it’s hot in Florida?’ and yeah, I do.  That being said, dayum, it was hot when I left this morning.  I’m pretty sure the bottom of my shoes melted off while I was out there.

I'm melting

Because we didn’t really have much of a winter I keep forgetting that it’s almost summertime and that means if you want to get your run in, you have to run early in the morning or very late in the evening and I’m a morning person, for life.  Truthfully though, I’ve been walking almost as much as I’ve been running lately and I’m okay with it.

A few months ago I took a little break from running and realized how hard it was to get in those 10,000 steps on my fitbit.  So, I challenged myself to get 10,000 steps a day not counting what I get from running.  Last week was the first week that I pulled it off for the entire 7 days!

fitbit steps

Sweet Step Success!

I never realized how hard it was to get those steps until I started tracking them.  It’s crazy hard, especially if you forget to charge your fitbit or you leave it off after you shower….I wish my fitbit would track swimming because that’s something I plan to do a lot of this summer.

MacGyver and I took a trip to Target yesterday intending to stock up on some pool rafts.  I say intended because I couldn’t make a decision.

Let’s do something fun, let’s vote, lets vote on my new raft!  Here are your choices:


The Creamsicle

cupcake float

The cupcake

ice cream sandwich float

The ice cream sandwich

And last but certainly not the least,

donut raft

The donut float!

Which one would you choose and which one should I choose?

6 thoughts on “Some ice cream, a cupcake, and a donut all go to the pool….

  1. Ice cream sandwich.

    The doughnut is over 4′ wide…there’s a joke in there.

    You need one of those floating islands.

    • I think I need my own Island, lol! Maybe I should get the ice cream sandwich float and then eat cupcakes, donuts and orange creamsicles while I float around…hmmmmmm

  2. get them ALL!!!…. different day different raft!!! DO IT!!!!!

    donut one serves different purpose than just lying down….getumm aLL!

    dogs will use too.

  3. SO MANY DECISIONS! I think the orange cream pop, or the ice cream sandwich are your best bets. They are the longest and look most comfortable.

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