WTF Wednesday, 90 is the new 60.

We were hanging out by the dock in Englewood with the parents earlier in the week when the new neighbors came outside.  They said hello and we all started talking and they mentioned there was only one vacant lot left in the neighborhood and that it wasn’t for sale.

They knew this for a fact because they had tried to purchase it a few years earlier.  They said the owner, who was 94 years old, told them there is no way she’s going to sell that lot because she’s planning on building a house there one day.   Apparently your building skills must kick in around 97 or 98, I can’t wait.

funny old person

When I took the mom’s to Pinecraft we met an older lady who was a baker.  She was quite sweet and while talking with her she mentioned that her mother still loves to bake.  My mother in law asked her how old her mother was and she said 95.  We asked if she was in good health and she said yes.  She said she visited with the nurse recently and the nurse said her heart, lungs and everything else are in excellent condition and that she’ll be here another 10 years to which her mother replied, ‘Oh no, I better go get myself a job!’


Mom and I were comparing steps on the fitbit last week.  We noticed that early in the morning I had a couple hundred more steps than she did even though we got up at the same time.  Obviously I need to send my bladder a thank you card.  Who knew getting up to pee at least 2 or 3 times a night was so healthy for you?

Yes I am one of those weirdo’s that sleeps in her fitbit, don’t judge.

fitbit kip

Oh Dayum!

If you haven’t watched it yet, there is a documentary out on Netflix called Sugar Coated.  It’s pretty scary if you happen to love sugar nearly as much as I do.  The gist of the documentary is that Sugar is toxic and the sugar industry knows it and has for some time and yet they continue to promote it and it’s even being added to all kinds of foods.


Unfortunately it’s going to take a mountain to cure my addiction because I finished watching it and immediately had some of this…..

chocolate lasagna

Why make one when you can make two?

chocolate lasagna.  It is insane.  You need some.

I was lamenting over my inevitable sugar demise when MacGyver said to me, ‘you know somebody told me there are websites that you can find where people actually show you how to make the foods you love but healthy versions.’


Tell me are there websites about running or exercise?  Do we even live in the same house?

WTF, it’s Wednesday!

Tell me who the oldest person in your family is.

Tell me the craziest thing that happened recently that made you say, WTF?

Return to Amish

I woke up Monday morning feeling much better than I have in quite some time.  I’m still not 100% but I felt really good, and I mean really good.  For that reason, I decided to go for a run.  I ran 4 miles and then I ran over the bridge and caught a glimpse of MacGyver fishing and so I took a break and I walked a bit.

I finished with 6 miles total but I walked a lot of the last two.  It didn’t matter.  I loved every minute of that time this morning.  I needed it and it helped me keep a smile on my face that lasted all day.


I am normally not this happy in the kitchen, no really, I’m not.

When I got back to the house I finished up a bit of work and then MacGyver’s parents came over.  While MacGyver and dad went fishing the Mom’s and I took the three dogs for a walk.  They demanded it actually.


Is it time? IS IT TIME???  It better be time for a walk lady!

And then we decided to head to Sarasota to visit one of our favorite places, Pinecraft. You may not know about Pinecraft, I didn’t know about it until last year and I’ve lived in Florida for almost 30 years!  I guess it’s sort of a well-kept secret but I’ve written about Pinecraft before.

It’s an Amish and Mennonite community located right in the heart of Sarasota.  Recently I discovered a little blog about the small village and I love looking at all the pictures and reading about the happenings but it doesn’t compare to a little visit mostly because of the bakery and the restaurant.

amish lady in pinecraft

I can’t help but be fascinated by the people who live there but I’m in awe of them as well.  They are truly wonderful people.  The bakery, the deli, the restaurants, they’re all amazing.  We visited one of our favorite restaurants on Monday, Yoder’s.  Check out this cobb salad…

Cobb Salad

Uh, YUM!

It was amazing but then so was the fruit bread.

fruit bread

We also visited the craft stores and of course we purchased a few gifts because well, that’s how we do.  In my defense, it’s hard not to buy gifts, they actually put handmade bows on the little bags in this store so they practically force you into buying things.

gift bag

Seriously, every woman needs a gift bag like this.

As we were leaving I saw a bumper sticker that I think I might need…

bumper sticker

Totally unrelated to Pinecraft but very cool none the less.

If you ever visit Sarasota, put this quaint little town on your bucket list.  It doesn’t have to be an all-day affair but 3 or 4 hours will allow you to visit a good portion of it and you’ll be glad you did.  Try the peanut butter pie too, it’s worth the splurge.  (If you can stop at one piece, I never can…)

Later in the day the guys returned from fishing and they had a pretty awesome day as well.  After catching 18 of these beauties, they kept the 4 largest legal ones.


MacGyver is the fishing boss!

I think I might have to go fishing before we go home, but first, I’m going to run again.

Have you ever visited an Amish or Mennonite community?
Have you ever caught or eaten a redfish?

My weekend in hell

If I never have another weekend like the one I just had, I’ll be okay with it.  Trust me.

weekend over

Is it over yet?

After a day of some hard core garage sale-ing with Mom and MacGyver on Friday I went home and tried to work for a few hours, but then Mom and the Kid called me from International Mall and lured me back out.  Those shitheads!  They knew I couldn’t resist a night of shopping.  Those two are nothing but bad influences.

We got home around 9PM and MacGyver and I went to bed around 11PM.  All was well until 1AM and then it happened…

throwng up

I threw up.  And then I threw up some more, and some more, and some more.  It was one of those nights, again.

I ain’t gonna lie, there was a moment when I cursed every one of the doctors that I’ve ever seen but I finally took the medication that I have for these special occasions and it went to work a little sooner than I thought it would because at that point I fell and hit my head.

Lucky for me MacGyver heard the thud and came running to my rescue and also lucky for me the medication that I took knocked my ass out and I was finally able to sleep.  And after throwing up for four hours straight, I needed it.

As you can imagine Saturday was a wash.  I didn’t run.  I didn’t walk.  I barely moved.

sleep all day

Sometime around 7PM we all decided to head down to Nokomis for a few days.  All I had to do was pack a few outfits and lay down in the backseat so I was cool with the idea.  Besides if you’re going to be sick why not be sick in a vacation spot, right?

By Sunday I was feeling a bit better so I went out for a six mile run.  I walked a lot of the last two miles but I was glad to be out there.  Let me re-phrase that, I was glad to be out there until a few hours later when I got a migraine.  F*ck me!

Oh, and in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, Hank and Shakespeare who used to be besties for life, now hate each other and we are constantly breaking up fights as these two shits try to figure out which one of them is going to dominate with their 10 pound little bodies.

At least MacGyver had a good day.  He went out for a little fishing on Sunday morning and came home with this beauty…

large redfish

Which meant that we all had a good day because, DINNER!  Boomer was beyond excited about it.

Boomer and the red

I’ll take mine raw please, no tarter sauce.  (This one’s for you zooey!)

Here’s hoping the rest of the week gets better.  It can’t really get much worse, can it?

If you have a bad weekend or rather, a sick weekend do you think it’s fair to take Monday off in exchange for your suffering?  I do and I think it should be a law.  A LAW!