WTF Wednesday, the bikini chronicles

Yesterday I spent a big chunk of the day at the beach with the girls.  I wore my Tommy Bahama bikini with anchors on it, mainly because it matched my shorts and I’m O.C.D. like that.

Anyway, while I was at the beach picking up shells and sharks teeth I was noticing how few of the older women had on bikinis too and how good they looked.  It made me wonder if there is a certain age when bikinis are inappropriate or if you can wear them at any age and how one might expect to look in a bikini at a certain age.

Well Cindy Crawford, (who looks amazing in anything but especially a bikini), at 50, rocks a bikini.  Yes, that’s right she’s 50.

Cindy Crawford

Even her abs are amazing. So jealous….

She’s obviously made a pact with the Devil or something.

And then there’s Christie Brinkley because Christie Brinkley is 61 or 62 years old but, she can’t be.  How is that even possible?  There is just no way, not really.  I mean who looks this good at 62?  I just can’t even…

Christie Brinkley

I’d give my right arm to have even a glass full from that gene pool.

If Cindy made a pact with the devil, then Christie must’ve sold her soul!

These women look amazing but they must be the exception rather than the rule, right? I mean 60 must be the cutoff… That’s what I thought anyway, but then I saw this photo of a certain judge…

Judge Judy

Who would’ve thought that this was hiding under that robe, dayum Judy!

Judy, Judy, Judy.  Who knew?

So 70 is obviously okay.  Judy pulls it off with no problem.  But the question remains, I mean how long can you actually wear a bikini and pull it off.  There must be a cutoff at some point, right?

Nah, not according to Irene Carney.

Irene Carney

Carney rocks a bikini at the ripe young age of 90 on a recent cruise.  You go girl!

WTF Wednesday, all those women look utterly amazing, of course they can wear bikini’s.  But I say who cares how old you are, what you weigh, or how you look, let’s all go rock a bikini and own it!

What do you think, is there an age when a bikini is no longer appropriate?  (I say no but a mankini, now that’s a whole nother story.  That is always inappropriate!)

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, the bikini chronicles

  1. The one of Judge Judy is a little awkward because it’s lacy and white so it’s kinda like lingerie but I’m not surprised she’s trim.

    I like Irenes modest bikini!

    I’m sure I’ll wear a bikini for a long time 🙂

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