WTF Wednesday, Karmic Retribution?

After we got home from Nokomis, MacGyver spoke to the detective who has been investigating our robbery.  If you haven’t read my post about it, the detective actually located some of MacGyver’s tools which had been pawned the day after the little thief stole them.

The detective told us that it was okay to pick the tools up from the pawn shop so on Friday MacGyver went to do that.  He arrived at the pawn shop in the afternoon and told them why he was there.  They went to the back and got the items and then presented MacGyver with a bill.  Yes, you read that right, a f*ing bill!


Apparently the thief only got around 30 bucks for several hundred dollars worth of tools which we were thankful for since we had to pay to get the items back.

MacGyver noticed that there was a ticket lying beside the tools on the counter so he asked the attendant at the pawn shop if he could see the original pawn ticket.


The guy said he wasn’t sure if he could do that but then he walked off which was precisely the point that MacGyver carefully looked over the receipt and then snapped a picture.  He didn’t need to.

There was a sticker on the drill that plainly listed the name of the person who pawned it and when it comes to finding information, Google and I are unbeatable.

After he left the shop MacGyver sent a text to the detective and said thank you but someone might have mentioned that I’d have to pay to get my own tools back.  The detective called back and explained that he needed to keep the pawn receipt so that if and when the suspect is charged we can request restitution.  The detective also mentioned that the suspect had not yet been arrested because they wanted to see if he pawned any additional items.  Great.  Just great.

I’m not one to sit around and wait for things to happen so when MacGyver came home I looked up the suspect’s police record.

It's a bookWhen you look up his record as well as all his aliases, it’s literally a book and that’s sad because he is only 25. I didn’t stop there though because by now the kid was involved and between the two of us, we are google research prodigies.

After only 10 minutes on the computer we found out that two days after the guy stole from us, he and five other delinquents stole a car and then proceeded to run a stop sign and t-bone two off duty police officers who were driving a pickup truck.  The driver, our suspect, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

I’m guessing this is what you call quick karmic retribution.  Whatever you call it, MacGyver said I can never take the witch doctor out of my car because she obviously works.

Skull Vajayjay

It’s not safe to steal from this car dummy!

I told MacGyver to text or email the detective back and let him know there won’t be anything else to find in any pawn shops and that he may want to head on over to the hospital where the suspect is still a patient and add this on to the growing list of charges.

Case solved, you’re welcome.

I'm that good.WTF, it’s Wednesday and that’s my moment from the past week.

Tell me a wtf moment from your week.  Bonus points if it involves llamas or alpacas, just because.

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Karmic Retribution?

  1. Not a WTF moment but my friend just sent me a photo of him with a llama this week!

    Hope you get all of the tools back!

  2. I knew that witch doctor would come in handy. Obviously the thief was voo dooed because he ended up in the hospital.

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