Woot, Friday because no one ever said TGIM

Well the end of a very busy week is approaching and I think I can honestly say I am pretty damn happy about it.

Dancing DachshundI can also honestly say you’ll probably never hear me say that on a Monday because happy Monday people are strange.

I was so busy this week that I didn’t even have time to update the blog for a few days.  I’ve still managed to get in some running and a few strength workouts but nothing like what I would have liked to have done.  Of course only part of that is because I’ve been busy mostly it’s because I’ve suffered a little injury.

Not the running kind but the Boomer kind.


Uh, sorry.

Boomer likes to take over my spot in the bed usually immediately after I get up every morning.  A few mornings ago he didn’t realize that I was still in the bed, (or he didn’t care), and he stepped on my shoulder and then my neck.

Let me tell you something, when a 120lb gentle giant steps on your neck, you feel pain.

boomer cutie pie

It’s not that bad lady!

Anyway, I’ve got a jacked up neck so there’s that.

Oh, and back to running news for a hot minute, I broke another treadmill.  How does that even happen?  (No, Boomer wasn’t on the treadmill.)

dancing treadmill

I could see how something like this might not be good for a treadmill.

And that lady wasn’t on it either.

But seriously, that’s like 5 treadmills in 3 years.  Is that a record?  Can’t I at least get a medal or something?  A new treadmill?  An unbreakable one?  No?

Except for work and the Boomer incident there hasn’t been much going on around here just our daily visits from the regulars.

my birds

Chopsticks did not want to participate in any pictures this day.  I’m not sure what the blurry spot is…..maybe sweat on my camera because that would make sense.

Oh, and we have a new resident that I’ve been really excited to tell you about and he’s so majestic.  This is probably the best one that has taken up residence in our yard in quite some time.  MacGyver actually spotted him and took this great picture.

Get ready to be all kinds of impressed.  It’s not a new heron, or a duck, a peacock, or even a new emu.  It’s this guy:

bald eagle

I told ya! Meet Billy bald Eagle.  He’s got a nest in one of our trees!

And I’ll leave you with a bit of good news that MacGyver and I got yesterday.

Early in the morning Thursday MacGyver got a phone call from a detective with the local police department.  He wanted to know if we could identify some of the tools stolen from MacGyvers truck, mainly a very expensive drill and some accessories.  Ummmm, why?

theivesApparently the shit head who stole the tools, money and misc. other things from our cars went to a local pawn store the very next day.  We know this because MacGyver was able to identify his drill and a battery charger and some other things.  The detective didn’t find everything but he found some things and since pawn shops require that the person pawning an item provide a valid ID, the detectives now have a driver’s license with a picture.

The police will now be able to compare the Driver’s License photo with the screen shots I emailed them from our security camera yesterday.  I hope they can arrest him based on that and I hope we get to go to court because I’d really like to see a little justice served, (and meet a cast member from dumb and dumber.)

I’d also like to throat punch him but I won’t, probably, maybe.

I get to keep on being busy through the weekend because MacGyver and I decided to put together a project list.  I thought it was because I had so many projects that I wanted him to do and he wanted it all on paper so we could prioritize.

honey doI was wrong and also a bit stunned when I realized he has as many projects planned as I do, dammit!   Fortunately I’m writing the list because he who writes also gets to prioritize and I’m pretty sure fixing a bathroom toilet trumps building a floating dock anyways.

Shit just got real

Tell me about a project you would like to get done.

What’s the most important thing on your to do list?

4 thoughts on “Woot, Friday because no one ever said TGIM

  1. Man, I’m mad when my 30 lbs dog steps on my foot (and it feels like 120 lbs haha)!

    I like the bald eagle but I think he needs a new name (mainly I have an ex with that name lol)

    I think my neighbors killed the plants/trees/vines that covered the fence between our yards. So I cleaned that up a bit (far exceeds the trash bin capacity), running with my coworkers Sat, a race Sun. Guess the yard is a priority but it’ll take awhile.

    Glad you’ve recovered some of your belongings!!

  2. Hah!. ima sorry asshole….but i was relieved when the “boomer injury”….was you and not him. seriously, that sweet black face of his.

    and your police department has renewed my faith in the poepoe. SHOCKED ! ….me into believing. damn gurl you lucky!!!

    …it offsets the boomer neck mistake?

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