Throwback Thursday, the selfie edition.

I’m not real big on throwback Thursday unless it’s running related, like this, or has a workout theme like this.

Of course there was that one time that I told you about working out at my Mamaw’s house, but besides all that I’m not really big on Throwback Thursday.

Regardless I’m still under the weather today so I’m taking the easy way out with a little Throwback Thursday, Selfie style.  Here we go…..

Circa, long ago in a place far away.   (I have no idea when this was), but I’m glad to see that my ears were sticking out of my hair even back in the day.  Damn huge ears.  This is one of my favorite childhood pictures and quite possibly the only one were I am not wearing tube socks.  God Bless.

riding horses

Me and my baby sister riding a horse with one of the Hankin’s boys. They were twins so I’m not sure which one this was.  Apparently in the South you ride horses without shoes.  We’re bad ass.

2009, maybe?  MacGyver took me to see one of my favorite musicians.  Who can it be now?

me and colin hay

Well get me a vegemite sandwich, it’s Colin Hay!

2013 My Birthday.  MacGyver took me to a fancy shmancy restaurant.  I loved the food but got sick as a dog the very next day.

my birthday2014 with the Tampa Bay Bloggers at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


You need to go see Winter the Dolphin if you haven’t already!

That time I hung out with Harry Connick, Jr. because, really?  Does anyone ever need a reason to hang out with Harry?

Dolphin Tail 2

Oh, and also, the kids from the movie Dolphin Tail 2. But Harry…..

My birthday 2014.

birthday 2014

Hey y’all, it’s my birthday!

Me and Vin

My nephew and I share the same birthday. In case you’re wondering, he’s older.

And let’s wrap this up with a selfie from last week….

That feeling you get when you hop in  the car and realize that now your kid can now drive YOU around!

Take me to the mall!

Take me to the mall!

Happy Thursday and thanks for letting me share some memories.

What’s your favorite picture from your childhood?


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, the selfie edition.

  1. I guess the picture of me when I’m 5 is my favorite. I don’t really look at old photos of me lol

    Hope you’re starting to feel better.

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