My name is Ana Robee O’Vomitz….

My garmin has the ability to track my heart rate but since it’s the 620 model I would have to wear the strap.  I used to do that occasionally when I first got it until I got a serious case of the rubs.

Up and Humming

So as you can imagine, I was pretty happy when I got my Fitbit HR.  I like the fact that it tracks my heart rate constantly and the only real issue was finding a way to wear both the Garmin and the Fitbit, but nothing in life is ever really as easy as we think it will be.

Fortunately I’ve always worn my garmin really low down on my wrist.  It helps to keep my sweat from getting into the charge contacts and also prevents the dreaded garmin tan.  However, the fitbit has to be worn further up the wrist to be able to accurately track your heart rate.  So while I may not have the awful garmin tan, I have this.

fitbit tan



I don’t have to worry about it today because I woke up at 5:30 this morning and decided to go right back to sleep.  I’m going to do yoga instead.  I’m really starting to enjoy it especially since I’ve seen how it’s helping my running.

Yesterday, I did a few 400 repeats just to see where my speed is at.  I didn’t expect to see anything near 8 minutes since it’s been a year or so that I’ve been able to really do serious speed work so I was shocked to see that my best pace was in the 7’s.  THE 7’S.  I’m surprised I didn’t shit my pants.

I’m sticking with yoga.

Yoga shirt

You bet your sweet ass I am.


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve posted catch and release videos for the past few days.  I just wanted to clarify that we aren’t doing this for any other reason than to get all these critters out of the back yard and I wanted to do it humanely.

That’s not the reason that I’m mentioning it though, I just wanted to show you a few pictures of the most recent tenants we’ve evicted and clarify that I now know the difference between a raccoon and a possum.


This is the armadillo


This is a possum, a very mad possum!


I’m glad to hear that raccoons are much cuter than possums but also hoping to catch the one that keeps flipping the garbage cans and making a mess!

Lastly, I may have to change the name of the blog to  How does that sound?  Bad huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Okay, I kid, I’m not changing the name but I had some real fun with this infographic.

runners name

Okay it’s your turn, whether you run or not, using the infographic above tell me your runner name. 

What kinds of animals do you have in your yard?

12 thoughts on “My name is Ana Robee O’Vomitz….

  1. ….we got ‘cats’….bobcats and domestic. …..and my dumb dog (his intelligence, not my attitude)

    question. does your fitbit show your resting heart rate at all times?….and what is it most of the time? does yours change a lot?….my range varies wildly and im worried. hahaha….i LOVE my garmin vivo. tracking is my addiction.

    • My resting heart rate average is typically around 58 but it does vary throughout the day. If I’m up and moving about the house it runs anywhere from 70-85, running or high aerobic activity is usually 140-160 but can and does go higher sometimes. Sitting and working on the computer it hovers around 50 but can go even lower. I may not have mentioned it on the blog before but I have a little heart murmur and that is one of the reasons that I wanted the Fitbit HR, it tracks constantly, even when I’m sleeping. Does the Garmin vivo track constantly as well?

      • yes…vivo tracks present heartrate like the fitbit. 5 min intervals. constantly….but the display also shows resting heart rate right below. Thats why i love vivo. my resting has varied from 46 to 54. and i don’t know why….i love vivo. love.

  2. I am almost embarrassed to be your sister. You are from the south, you should know what a raccoon and a possum look like. We have both of those, plus coyotes, foxes, deer, and there has reportedly been black bear in our area. If you ever come and visit you can see for yourself.

    • It’s all mom’s fault! The genetic component responsible for my eyesight came from her, I’m pretty sure of it. Also the subtlety in that comment is not lost on this blond head! 😉 (I just have to convince the MacGyver to get off the sofa and take a vacation to somewhere other than where we live. One can only fish in Florida for so long before you start craving the lake!!) Also, that cousin family reunion on facebook last week has made me homesick. 🙂

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