Monday, the difference between a man and a woman.

Good morning.  It’s probably later in the day for you, (I’m writing at 5AM and posting much later,) but I’m writing this post super early because I have a ton of stuff to do today.  Please excuse me for any bad grammar, spelling, etc. that this entry may contain because, tired.  I’m still working on an excuse for all of the other post that I’ve written.

grammarThis weekend wasn’t much different than the week because I still wasn’t feeling 100%.  I did attempt some running/walking and I managed to get around 12 miles somehow.  They weren’t anything of note, trust me, just a chance to get out of the house and breathe fresh air and stop at a few garage sales because doesn’t every runner stop at all the garage sales?

I did take some pictures of things in the neighborhood.

Like this guy,

peacock on roofpeacock mating dance

It’s mating season, (not for me for the peacock), in case you’re wondering.

As I mentioned, I went to some garage sales on Saturday morning and I dragged MacGyver along with me.  We only went to a few even though.  I was starting to feel much better but MacGyver started to get a sore throat…and then…

woman cold man cold

While MacGyver slept on the sofa I mowed the lawn that afternoon.  Well, in between bringing MacGyver juice, water, and fluffing his pillows. All kidding aside, he’s much easier to deal with than some people are when they’re sick.  He’s not as tough as me but he’s close.  😉

I also fed the turtles on Saturday


Can you see the turtle?

And I took some some really nice pictures of the jacaranda tree and the purple blooms that sadly only last for a few months or so..


jacaranda tree

Look at all that purple!

And later that night MacGyver went to bed early so I decided to finish a project that I had been working on for the Nokomis house.

What do you think?


I swear the h looks better from head on. Here it looks like a k but it isn’t. Obviously.

On Sunday, I walked/ran and then walked again but after mowing the grass the day before, my sinuses kicked into high gear and I felt sick again.  I decided not to push it and work out any more and instead I cleaned up around the house and then took a long nap before packing up the car.  Around 6 in the evening I drove us down to Nokomis and that’s where we are now.  We’ll be here until Wednesday at least.  More on that tomorrow….

And that’s how the weekend went.  I’m going to head out to one of my favorite places, the Legacy Trail, before starting my day, so I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

What did you do this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Monday, the difference between a man and a woman.

  1. I like your beach sign, too. Is that found glass pebbles?

    I used to want a sign that said “beach” and pointed the way…but all of the arrows point to the right…and I wanted it for a wall where the beach is to the left.

    I read 2 books this weekend lol and did some cleaning.

    • Some are actually pieces of found glass along with other baubles I’ve collected over the years. And just like the other ones I’ve done, I hid a shark’s tooth in it 🙂 I’m totally getting all crafty in my old age. lol

      Good for you for reading two books, holy crap that’s more than I’ve read in a while. Which ones did you read, anything I might like?

      • I read Boy, Snow, Bird and it sucked lol but it was a short book.

        the other was Girl in 6E. She has murderous thoughts so she’s never leaves her apartment and supports herself through Um web cam activities. She fears a little girl is in danger so she decides to leave her apartment. This was a quick read, too. A beach read type book. It wasn’t bad.

        These were bargain shelf buys. These aren’t even from the (now) 12 books I just bought.

          • 😉 MacGyver thinks we should make these and sell them and put shark’s teeth in each one as our signature, I’m still mulling it over….

          • Maybe make one or two as your inspiration strikes and sell them if you feel like it. 🙂

            What kinds of books do you prefer?

            I read Soul of an Octopus recently that was good. It’s non fiction.

          • I love all kinds of books and the subject matter isn’t really all that important as long as the book makes me think. I like books that make me think about the story long after I’ve finished reading it. Oh, dear, I’m geeking out over here, I’ll take words for nerds for a thousand Alex. LOL

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