Monday and the cliffhanger heard round the World…

Warning:  Walking Dead Spoiler Alert!  (Maybe not really but just for those purist who don’t want to know anything about the show until they’ve seen it themselves.  Oh and by the way, get live streaming or cable!)

walking dead meme

Just kidding, but if you really believed this, get some therapy.

Good Morning from Nokomis, Florida.  We got here last night.  Early enough to catch the season finale of the Walking Dead, you know, so we could be in a state of wonderment, well at least for 7 months.  If I were a guy, I say the show took me right to point of ecstasy and then pulled away and left me with a serious case of blue balls.  But I’m not a guy, I’m a chick, and older, so I would say it was more like a reverse who shot J.R. scenario.  Frustrating.

It didn’t actually throw me though because I had read some of the forums online and I knew about the last scene.  You can never be 100% sure with online gossip but I had a feeling that this would happen.  Whatever, I ain’t mad about it.  Moving on….

Since this is technically a running blog, let’s recap the week of workouts shall we?

Monday              Ran 4.75 miles on the Legacy Trail very, very slowly
Tuesday             Ran 5 miles, slow to turtle pace
Wednesday        Ran 6 miles, comfortable pace,
Did a 10 minute blogilates arm workout
Thursday            Ran 5 miles, slow pace
Friday                 Ran 4 miles, slow and easy
Saturday             Ran 3 miles at a comfortable pace
Cross trained by doing some hard yard work
Sunday               Ran 10 miles, comfortable pace, no stopping, my favorite run of the week.

As you can see, I ran too  much and I didn’t strength train like I should have or cross train like I should have but here’s the good thing, I can always do it this week.  It’s never too late. That’s my motivational speech. Sorry, that’s about as motivating as I can muster on a Monday.

In case you are wondering why we’re back in Nokomis so soon, MacGyver’s sister and her husband are here for the week and I am pretty excited.  My sister in law is amazing and she loves to fish so we’ll be doing quite a bit of that.  She also loves to craft so my craft geek is full on right now.  I brought down an entire crate of craft supplies and I can’t wait to show you what we make.

arts and crafts

And since we’re on the subject of crafts this would be a good time to tell you about something from this weekend.  Several months ago I purchased this little utility cart which I believe is from the early 1900’s.


It was painted red and has an enamel top.  The drawer was missing and it was in pretty bad shape but for four bucks, it was totally worth refinishing.

I spent about a month sanding it whenever I had a little spare time and then just as I finished our pump for the sprinkler system broke and flooded the garage.  It completely destroyed the lower shelf.  I was heartbroken and thought the little cart was forever ruined.

A few weeks ago MacGyver took it upon himself to repair my little cart.  He cut new wood for the bottom shelf and attached it and then he went a step further and actually made me a middle drawer.  Yesterday he stained and clear coated it for me.

What do you think?

utility cart

Isn’t it adorable

And here it is with the sides down.

utility cart

I love it.

I love it.  I just need to find a place to put it.

And that’s it for me.  I’m goin fishin’

Do you like to craft?

Or are you just crafty?

8 thoughts on “Monday and the cliffhanger heard round the World…

  1. that table!! LUUUHHUUUVVV it!!!.

    …not as much as Boomer. But close.

    well, not that close.

    only cuz that’s how much i love the boomz.

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