Friday – Sick Shoes

Since I was under the weather for the entire week, there weren’t many favorites to tell you about.  No favorite runs, no favorite workouts, no favorite trips, special recipes or special places and beside the nine thousand birds in the backyard, no amazing photos.

However, having a cold or flu does not come without its rewards because yesterday my sick shoes came in the mail.

What does that meanMY SICK SHOES CAME IN THE MAIL!

WhatYou see when I get sick I also get bored, and then I get antsy, and then I get a little depressed.  The longer I feel bad, the more depressed I get and the only thing that makes me feel better is shoes.  Typically I bounce back pretty quickly but it was a long week and I must’ve been really depressed.

For the sake of my husband and our impenetrable bond, I’m blaming this week and my sick shoe purchase(s) on the fever.  Yep, the fever made me do it.

First I got these because I needed some cute flats.

ballet shoesAnd then I realized I needed some fun heels for the summer so I got these wedge shoes.

Wedge shoesAnd then I got these fun white sandals because let’s face it, it’s summer and it’s hot and you can never have enough sandals.

cute white sandalsBut ALL the sandals were on sale!  All  of them. And in case you didn’t know it, fringe is all the rage right now, so these happened.

fringe sandalsI got the white ones too but they don’t arrive until today.

It didn’t end with the fringe because I got an email from one of my favorite stores and they had a sale and I had rewards…REWARDS!  I have to use the rewards, how can you not use rewards!

So, cute lace heels in black.

black lace up heels

Side angle just because…


Of course it’s summer and I may need a lighter color.


I’m feeling much better today.  I may even go somewhere and try out some of my new sick shoes.  I just wish I had something to wear!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Do you treat yourself to sick shoes?  Sick shorts?  Sick anything?

11 thoughts on “Friday – Sick Shoes

  1. I’m not a shoe person (especially since it’s a pain to find’em in a 5). I do like dresses.

    I did buy 9 books today… I’m a nerd. But not a sick one.

    I guess you’ll have to find some summer outfits for those sandals, eh?

    • Yes, I totally need some new summer outfits 😉

      And here’s a little known fact about me, I love books, all kinds of books. I have multiple boxes of them in the attic of my garage, overflowing, because I’m hoping that one day MacGyver will build me my own library. I don’t even care if it’s small. I just want one entire room filled with bookcases of all my favorite books, one chair and a tiny table, and a reading lamp. Oh, and a do not disturb sign on the door…. Sorry, got carried away there with my fantasy. 🙂

    • Thank you and yes, I have both. My son, aka the Kid is the best thing in my life, bar none. He makes an occasional appearance when I can convince him to.

      My job is sort of boring. I work for myself and I can’t really get fired so there’s that but otherwise it’s a bit of a snooze fest.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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