Friday and I’m a Disney princess in real life, no, really.

Another week has come and gone, and very quickly I might add.  Normally I’d be happy about that but since April 18th is fast approaching and MacGyver and I have an appointment with the accountant today I would have been fine if the week would have gone on and on and on, and on. After our appointment this afternoon MacGyver and I will be heading out to the cabin to lick our wounds.

Because after paying taxes the only thing that can make you feel better is a little four wheeling, a little shooting, and some running on your own personal running trail and some shooting, I already said that didn’t I?  Oh well.

my legs

This is me….okay, technically it’s my legs.

This morning I ran/walk/jogged/ran/hobbled/crawled and managed to squeak out 6 miles.  Really, really slow miles.  I did however see a peacock, a chicken, a rooster, and an emu.  I’m sure you aren’t surprised.  If you read my blog then you already know my neighborhood is fowl.  Hehe, get it, fowl!


If you saw my instagram yesterday you may have already seen some of the photos below and wondered what the back story was.  If not, I’ma clue you in anyways cause that’s how I do.

Yesterday I was showing Hank how to feed the turtles in the pond.  He absolutely loves the turtles.  Seriously, he’s more little boy than dog, I swear to all that is dogly.

hank and mommy

This is how you feed the turtles…

I went into the house to get more bread and Hank stayed on the dock and had a conversation with Timmy the turtle.  It was so cute.

dachshund and turtle

So, how long you been livin in my backyard?  Really?  And I never noticed? 

When I got back to the dock I was feeding turtles and I raised my hand with the extra bread in it so that Hank wouldn’t try and eat it.  (He’s allergic to all kinds of things and can’t eat anything with grains.)

feeding turtles

Take a look up in that tree….

Take a look up there in the branches.  Do you see the grackle?  I wasn’t concerned with him because grackle’s are wild birds and they’ve never really been all that friendly with us.  I just think of them as like any other bird, like a blue jay or a robin.  They aren’t super friendly like the peacocks or the wood storks or even the herons.   That’s what one would think anyway.

MacGyver was taking pictures and I’m glad he was because otherwise, he wouldn’t have captured this moment.


Yes, that bird did just take bread right out of my hand.

And if you think that was a fluke, it wasn’t.  He ate out of my hand an additional 3 times.  That’s right baby, it only took me half a lifetime but I’m officially a Disney freakin princess!

disney princess with birds

Happy Friday y’all, I’ll catch up with you in a bit from the cabin.

What’s the weirdest thing an animal ever did to you?  Go ahead and tell me.  I won’t judge, I swear.

6 thoughts on “Friday and I’m a Disney princess in real life, no, really.

  1. Nice photo capture!

    I’ve had an ibis snatch a fry and an eagle at the SD zoo poop on me (ok it probably wasn’t the eagle but it was an eagle size mess)

    Ok I’ll be Mulan.

    • LOL, I was lying in the sun on the beach once in a t-back. (It was a private area and years ago) Anyhow, a seagull flew over me and shit right on my left butt cheek. I was mortified!

    • Imanol sorte na súa carreira como actor, eu tamén segui-lo. karlosrastafari eu ORIE canto, o seu post non vai caer en saco roto, para que eu colocar-lo, quedei moi feliz de poñer o reggae no meu navegador e ir, e reggae concluír a sección, agora eu non teño tempo, e logo k teño eu dou os meus paseicos escoitando Burning Spear. AUPA reggae. Vibrado positiva

    • Alison, sounds like you have much more discipline than I. It’s obviously a learned thing – they say that if you do something continually for at least 2 weeks then it soon becomes routine and ingrained. Aim hoping this will happen with the journalling while I am away. Fingers crossed.

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