Dog Town trail is preparing me for the Barkley Marathons, sort of.

I’m sick.  Ugh!  I hate being sick more than just about anything in the world especially when it’s a cold AND a fever!  We were at the cabin on Saturday night and I went to bed around midnight feeling fine but I woke up around 1:30AM with a scratchy throat.  I thought maybe I was just thirsty so I drank a bottle of water and went back to bed and the next morning I felt fine.  It wasn’t until Sunday night on the way home that I realized I had a cold and after we got home the fever kicked in.

I woke up yesterday and I could barely breathe…MacGyver ordered me back to bed and other than a few trips to the bathroom and a few small steps in the backyard, I’ve been there ever since.

willpowerAnyhow, since I’m confined to my bedroom but I can actually sit up today without throbbing head pain, I figured I’d update the blog and tell you some of the highlights from our weekend at the cabin.

When we arrived at the cabin my running trail was seriously overgrown.

overgrown trail

I think I’d say a tad bit overgrown….

That’s what happens when you don’t come out for a few months I guess but MacGyver being the sweetheart that he is mowed it in the dark on Friday night.

So, even though I hadn’t planned on it, I woke up Saturday morning and hiked/ran 5 miles on Dog Town Trail.


That is some high grass surrounding my trail but thanks to MacGyver the trail is good.

On Sunday morning I ran 10 miles and since I’m convinced that one day I’ll be asked to run the Barkley Marathons, I included sections that were overgrown with blackberry bushes, high grasses and areas littered with driftwood and burnt out trees.

overgrown trailrandom driftwoodbushes all aroundI still managed to finish in under 2 hours so I felt pretty good about it.

After I finished running on Sunday I took a shower at our outdoor showering station.  MacGyver still hasn’t built the outdoor bathhouse but I’m not giving up on it.  I have visions of a room with a shower in one corner and a tub in another made out of galvanized steel….

outdoor shower

do you see my running clothes strewn about?

If you’re wondering where in the world the water is coming from, check out the water tower.  It’s a bit intimidating when the wind is blowing.

water tower

While running I had noticed a few blackberry bushes looked like they might be producing so later in the afternoon I took a hike through the bushes to try and pick some.

blackberry bushIf someone asks me if they can come out to my property to pick blackberries it’s because they’ve never been to my property to pick blackberries.  It is however perfect training for the Barkley Marathons because it’s seriously thorny just like the briars of the Tennessee mountains.  (Laz?  Did you hear that?)


This was after only ten minutes!

And the haul was totally worth it.

two blackberries

At least one of them is edible.

Totally worth it.  (Laz, I’m ready for Barkley, call me.  I’ve got my license plate and a buck sixty!)

The dogs always have a good time at the cabin but Boomer in particular.  You see, in case you’ve ever wondered, Boomer knows how to camp like a boss.

Boomer camper

If you could just get me a cigar, all would be right with the world, mmmkay.

Hank and I spent a lot of time on the four wheeler.  Typically we have to share our riding time with MacGyver but since he rolled it on himself on Saturday I banned him from it.


The four wheeler is mine! You shall have no more turns.

We left late Sunday afternoon and I snapped a few photos on the way out.

flowerssuburban estates

suburban estates

It’s very peaceful here.

Obviously I have no running to share with you this week because my sinuses are raging war with my body  and I’m gonna do everyone a solid and stay home.

mama juneHow was your weekend?

When is the last time that you were sick?

4 thoughts on “Dog Town trail is preparing me for the Barkley Marathons, sort of.

  1. Hope you are feeling better! I am NOT a good person to be around when I am sick! I’m very impatient with the whole sitting or lying around thing and can be a bit of a grouch!

    Great photos! Love that Boomer!

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