A quick update from the wilderness….

Hey from Holopaw!  Suburban Estates to be exact.

After a 3 and a half hour ride in the car with these two,

road trip with dogswe arrived at the cabin late last night sometime around 10:30PM.  And even though it was quite late and we were somewhat tired I managed to hang up my new lights.

Red Solo Cup lightsRed solo cup lights from the Dollar Tree.  Spank my ass and call me Dolly cause it doesn’t get any better than that.  I’m in Redneck heaven!

I’ll be spending some quality time on my trail trying to avoid things like this,

running trail holes

Holes! A hazard of the running trail.

Hank is spending time with his girlfriend Rosie.  We are hoping for some Pitshunds or some Dachbulls, whatever you would call them.

Hank and RosieMacGyver will most likely be having some of this stuff,


Mason Jar Margarita’s

But for now, me and Boomer are hitting the hay.

mommy and boomy

Good night!

See you tomorrow!

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