How to get tons of readers for your running blog…

We’re back in Clearwater.  Before we left yesterday I took one last run on the legacy trail.  During the last mile another runner came out of a park and ran past me, and later I was so glad that she did.

Because about a quarter mile later I saw the runner in front of me dart to the left, very quickly.  I didn’t realize why she did it until I got to the same space and then I saw the coral snake she was avoiding!



Thank you random runner for giving me the heads up!

Only a few seconds later I saw a small gator crawling out of the drainage ditch on the side of the trail.  He was only around 3 feet long but long enough to put the fear of Jesus in me.  I sidestepped and avoided him.

Within a few more seconds I was running over the bridge and I knew I’d be arriving at the house soon and MacGyver and I would have to head home.  I looked out over the water and saw a manatee.  Running in Florida cannot be beat especially if you love nature and all creatures.  I highly recommend it.

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Nick SymmondsThat’s Nick Symmonds shoulder, in case you’re wondering.  He’s auctioning off about 9 inches of ad space right there on that shoulder.  If you win, anyone watching Nick from the time you win until the Summer Olympics (and even during), will see your ad!

Here’s the link and surprisingly it’s ridiculously affordable. I mean, if you actually make money off your blog.

Now before I head off to work and then ultimately to start my weekend, I wanted to tell you about an article I read last night.  It caught my interest because I’m sort of childish and I love poop stories but mostly because I often have issues ‘going’.

Being able to poop is a huge source of stress for me before long runs or races so naturally, I had to read the article.

poop articleFrom the article:

No one likes getting backed up, especially right before a run. You’re distracted, you feel heavier, and everything from mood to energy levels can suffer. Molly Morgan, RD, CDN, CSSD, and author of Drink Your Way to Gut Health recommends holding off on that “quick fix” fiber supplement, and focusing on food first. Here are our top food picks to help you poop. 

Click here to read the entire article.

And now, tell me about one of your favorite things from the week.

Also will you be bidding on NIck Symmonds Ad Space? 

FREE donuts, yes please.

Yesterday I got up really early and ran 5 miles on the Legacy Trail.  The sunrise that morning was beautiful.


Afterwards, I had to rush back to the house, shower and get ready to go because my doctor’s office is on top of their shit.  If you remember I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday.  On Tuesday they had me in the lab getting blood work done and yesterday I had my MRI, boom, all done.

Obviously I won’t have the results for a little while but I am so thankful that everything happened so fast.  Next, I have to see a couple of specialists and then we go from there.  I’m pleased that my doctor is on top of it and pleasantly surprised at the quick response times.  I couldn’t ask for better medical care and I just hope all my test turn out as good as the care I’m getting.

Lord help me

When I got back from my MRI, I realized that I had left my laptop on the table, opened.  I also had a word document open although I hadn’t started editing yet.  Obviously Hank decided to fill in for me this week and pick up my slack at work.  He went ahead and edited the document for me.

Hanks work

I’m not sure which client it was for but we’ll figure it out.

Since we’ve been in Nokomis we’ve been spending a lot of time relaxing on the water at night.  It’s been therapeutic and I’m really going to miss it.  Last night MacGyver and I paddled out in the canoe and fished for one last time.  As we were leaving I snapped this picture of the bridge I run over every day when we’re down here.

Legacy Trail Bridge

I’ve got to hit the road and head back to Clearwater this morning but before I go I wanted to tell you about a deal Krispy Kreme has today.  They are celebrating ‘Super Hero Day’ which isn’t really a real thing.  It’s just a celebration of all the hero’s in your life and to honor them if you buy a dozen donuts today, Krispy Kreme will give you a dozen FREE.  Sounds like a pretty super deal to me!

When is the last time you had a donut?

WTF Wednesday, Poop Pounds and Pee Pics because I’m really 12.

You know what time it is so let’s dive right in and talk about those things that had me scratching my head this week.  I must warn you though, I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old so if that’s not your thing, you probably won’t think I’m very funny and that’s okay.  Just head on over to, there’s lots of adulting going on over there.

First, how exactly do you accidentally run a half marathon?  No really.  I mean, if you trained for a 5K, and you started your race and then maybe you looked down at your Garmin and realized you’ve gone over that by a few miles, you’d probably realize your mistake and quit right?

Yeah, this girl didn’t quit either and she’s only 12 years old!

girl runs half marathon

She’s literally 12 years old!

Read the story here.

I need to figure out how to accidentally run the Barkley Marathons!

Every morning MacGyver comes into my bathroom steps on the scale and then goes to his bathroom.  After 20 minutes or so he comes back into my bathroom and weighs himself again.  I have always thought it was odd that he would do this and especially when I realized he was weighing himself pre-poop and post-poop because really, how much could poop weigh?  And who would care how much poop weighs?

poop scale

Apparently, this is a thing and it turns out MacGyver is completely normal.

Yesterday I had to go have blood work done.  If you’ve ever had to have a lot of blood drawn then you may know that typically they want you to fast beforehand.  I figured as much when I got the call with the instructions for the appointment but I wasn’t counting on the appointment being at 2:45, in the PM!


Anyway, by the time I got there I was half out of it and that was before they took 7 vials of blood.  You would think they would have asked me to do the urinalysis first but no, because fist rate healthcare here in America, who cares if you pass out in the bathroom?  (Total sarcasm.)

After the blood draw I stumbled over to the restroom but in my stupor I forgot to lock the door.  Literally two seconds after I went in, a gentleman walked through the door.

I was doing this:

urine sampleI just looked up and said, ‘Doesn’t everyone take a picture of their urine sample?’  He practically ran out of there at which point I locked the door.  In hindsight, who doesn’t knock before entering a bathroom with a closed door?

It took me another 10 minutes to actually give them a sample because like I said, I was in a stupor.  I was so hungry and out of it when I left there that I immediately went to MacDonald’s.

Oh God, there is something wrong with my brain!

No wait, wtf?  It’s just Wednesday!

Have you ever weighed before and after poop?

Do you take pictures of your urine samples?

Ever accidentally ran a longer race?