WTF Wednesday, mill dogs in the rabbit hole.

Today is a rest day for me.  I’m still on the couch at almost 11AM so apparently I’m taking this rest thing seriously.

Actually, I took a rest day today because I have a deadline.  Here’s the thing about deadlines, they’re dead, lines. Unfortunately I’ve kept pushing this one back, over and over again and I really need to finish it, today.

It’s not my fault. It’s the Internets fault and those damn awful cute puppies. I started with one and then I slid down the rabbit hole but don’t you worry I’m gonna make sure that doesn’t happen to you. because I’m going to share.

It all started with this guy….

dog on mill

I am convinced this is my spirit animal.

Seeing that dog on the treadmill made me wonder what my dogs would do on the treadmill.  Since I’m taking a rest day today I can’t get up off the sofa and take them out to the lanai to conduct the experiment so I googled it instead.

Apparently this is what Hank would do on the treadmill because he’s a dachshund.

dachshunds treadmill

Except I’m pretty sure Hank would NOT do this.

And Boomer is a lab but he’s got arthritis so if Boomer got on a treadmill it would have to be a special one.  In fact, the picture I found is perfect because I’m pretty sure Boomer would do exactly this…

lab on treadmill

As long as you hang a pork chop at the front of the mill just out of reach. 

It took a while to find those two pictures because there are so many to distract me, like this one.

teddy tready

Wait, is that really a dog or a teddy bear? 

If I was a dog and I was training for the Dog Olympics, (because this is probably a real thing) and if my sport was the 400 meter track event, this is what I’d be doing for training.

dog racing treadmill

Go girl go!  No, I don’t know if it’s a girl but based on that determination, I’d say it probably  is.

And then because I’m still scratching my head over this one I’ve decided to go ahead and post it.

pig or dog

The Baconator!

What do you do on a rest day?  Do you cross train, or lay on the sofa?  (I won’t judge besides, I”m too busy over here adjusting my pillow.)

9 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, mill dogs in the rabbit hole.

  1. I usually don’t do any exercise on a rest day but I do like to keep active and be on my feet most of the time and try to get a lot of extremely boring same old stuff done although my recliner at some point in the day is very important. Most of the time I do a session of very light stretching after a 5 minute walk around the house. I just recently tried laying in my tub with warm water and then stretching shortly after. But, I don’t know it almost seems like a hot or warm bath just causes more inflammation. For me it did not feel healthy.

    • I have this awesome tub at our vacation house and I have never used it. Ever. I just have no patience for water filling up a tub. I’d rather take a freezing cold shower. 🙂

  2. funny thing about ‘rest’ days….they usually bring me no rest at all. I feel so restless on days i don’t break a sweat….so i gave them up about a year ago.

    I find in my 40s….it’s easier to just keep moving. So on my so called ‘rest days’ it’s a 2 mile warm up, and teaching a power yoga class….which is actually very restful. Followed with an hour walk with the pup.

    fyi. i decided on the garmin vivoHR. and i’m obsessed with it. now i have every tracking device in the world. damn.

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