WTF Wednesday, as the crow flies

I’ve been doing my best to keep on track with my plan.  Y’all would be impressed with my ability to develop ways to keep my interest up and disguise my actual work outs as super fun and exciting events.

My sister in law, niece and nephew came to town Monday night and we’ve been having so much fun.  My niece Robin is such a little trooper.  She loves hanging out with me and so I thought I could use her to help me ‘like’ my yoga workout.  Since I love teaching little kids and she is always a willing participant I asked her if she wanted to do yoga with me.

‘I would love to do yoga with you’, she said and I figured since she’s only six and probably doesn’t know that much about yoga we could start with something really simple.

I asked her if she knew how to do downward dog.  “No”, she said and my sister-in-law and I proceeded to tell her how to do it.   She started to do it but then she turned to me and said, “I think I’ll just do a crow pose.”

crow pose

Allrighty then, I’ll just be over here, um, eating crow.

Kids!  Keeping us humble since the beginning of time.

WTF, it must be Wednesday, and I’ve just been schooled by a six year old!

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