Tuesday Tangents

The past few days have really sucked in terms of running for me.  Yesterday I ran 5 miles on the Legacy Trail before we came home to Clearwater.  I walked a large portion of it.  For some reason my gait felt all wrong and I couldn’t quite catch my breath.

This morning I ran another 5 miles but I pretty much walked the last mile.  Again, I felt like I just couldn’t catch my breath.  Granted it was humid but not unbearably so.  I’ve slowed down quite a bit as far as my pace goes and I think that may have something to do with it.  Whatever it is, I’m not in pain and I’m not injured so I am not going to overthink it.  Sometimes your body just needs a little break.

motivation mehWhen we were in Nokomis last week I made a most intelligent decision when I decided to mow the lawn in a pair of ill-fitting crocs and no socks.  I’ve got a blister on the side of my foot that is pretty nasty.  Thankfully if put on 3 or 4 band aids and thick socks I don’t even notice it but I won’t be wearing any other type of shoes for a while.  I knew there was a reason I hated crocs.

crocs suck

Little Hank seemed to be recovering from his dental issues quite nicely.  He was able to eat only a few hours after his surgery and by Thursday he seemed very spritely and active.  Then, on Monday morning he seemed quite lethargic and when we tried to feed him he seemed like he was in pain and didn’t want to eat.

At first I thought maybe he was still upset over the ending of the latest episode of the Walking Dead, I know I was, but it actually had something to do with his teeth and not what happened on the show.  I mentioned to several people that he wasn’t given antibiotics and most of them thought that was weird so I took him back to the vet last night.

Hank the Dachshund

I may be a little sick but I”m upset about the Walking Dead too!

The vet didn’t think that there was infection of any sort but she gave him a shot of antibiotics anyway and sent me home with more pain medicine and another hefty bill.  I am so glad my dogs continue to prove they are million dollar animals.

This is Milla Bizzotto

Milla Bizzotto


She just competed in the Battlefrog race.  If you’re not familiar with it, it was designed by navy seals which means, it’s tough.  Milla is 9 years old and a past victim of bullying.  She trained for 9 months to run in Battlefrog and she completed 36 miles, swam an eight kilometer course and finished 25 obstacles for six laps.

During the 24 hour race she only slept between 2am and 6am.  She was the only competitor under 18 and she kicked ass.   She told the Miami Herald that she was bullied in the 2nd and 3rd grade and wanted to compete to show other kids that they can do or be anything they want.

What an inspiration!  Maybe I should think about Milla’s example the next time I’m pushing through 5 measly miles….

All right it’s your turn, go off on your one tangent right here.

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  1. Busy week this week. I only kept up with my coworkers for about 2 miles lol it was hotter than expected. I ran this morning! (I am so not a morning person). Not sure about Friday and Saturday – I hope to- Sun I have a turtle 10k gallop 🙂

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