Tuesday tales from the trail

Yesterday I was able to run. Besides being super excited about it I was also a bit nervous because my new shoes haven’t arrived yet. I decided to run in my Brooks Glycerin 13’s since I had worn them previously without issue and I went out for a six miler.

so excited

I’m going running and you can’t stop me, oh yes I’m running…

I felt okay afterwards but not great. I can’t say I was in pain really but the back of my ankle felt a bit tender. I iced it and elevated it and later I used my foam roller to roll out my calves. I decided the even the Brooks Glycerin 13’s may not be the best option for me right now.

Since my new shoes are a newer version of an older one I used to wear, this morning I decided to pull out the older ones and try those. What a difference!

feels good

Oh hell yes!

Obviously I’ve made the right choice, now if only the newer ones would hurry up and get here!

I started out this morning with a brisk walk to warm up and make sure the older shoes would offer enough cushion and support, they did. So, I started running. The first mile felt really good but just as I started the second mile I looked down and noticed what looked like a wallet so I turned around and went back to look.

found a wallet

Yep, it was a wallet!

I continued to run for five miles with no pain but carrying a wallet in my hand. When I got home I looked through it to find out who the owner was. Fortunately the driver’s license was in there, though not much else. Since the gentleman lives several miles away, MacGyver and I think it was probably stolen and dumped on the street. I’ll be heading off to the post office to mail it back to him today. I’ve decided to include a little note to tell him where I found it just in case he might wonder because I know I would.

When I got back to the house the dogs were ready to get out and go for their walks so I took them. We only made it about a block when I thought I spotted something up ahead on the side of the road. I made my way over to it and imagine how surprised I was to see, yep you guessed it, another flippin wallet!


Oh I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley!

I picked the second wallet up but it was empty and badly worn which lead me to believe the owner probably bought a new one and tossed this one out of the window.  I probably would have waited until I got home and then threw the old one in the garbage but hey, to each his own. I was just glad there was nothing in it so I didn’t have to mail two wallets back!

When I got back from my walk with the dogs I iced my ankle again and then foam rolled and it still feels okay. It’s a bit tender but nothing like before.

Now, if only my new shoes would get here!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever found while out on a run?
After finding two wallets this morning, do you think I should play the lottery?

10 thoughts on “Tuesday tales from the trail

  1. That is interesting about the wallets. I would agree someone just probably tossed it out the window too. I found 10 dollars on a run once and I’ve found various tools…never anything crazy though. I’ve seen some crazy animals though.

  2. best finds ever during runs. sanity and peace. find it every run….

    seriously, i find lots of crap. usually stuff neighbors giving away. i live in a posh part of area (I have the crappiest house in hood, and proud of it) “free” signs are my fave. if it’s “free it’s for me”.

    one time a neighbor was giving away kids stuff, and i scored NEW pottery barn kids rocking chair for friend’s 3 year old daughter. I jogged (slowly) it home, 2 miles, best upperbody workout ever….I knew the gardeners were gonna descend upon the stuff asap, so either run it home or risk losing. Hahhaaa…who knows what drivers would be thinking! crazy lady running down street with mini rocking chair.

    the shit we do for friends.

    • We are sisters from another mother, holy crap, I love finding things my neighbors are throwing out. Once I ran home with a utility sink for the garage and MacGyver was never prouder, LOL. I’ve also found lots of cool lawn furniture etc. Treasure hunt runs…I think we’re on to something here. HGTV? We’ve got a new show idea! It’ll be like flea market flip in running shoes….

  3. That wallet stuff is crazy! You are so awesome for taking the time to mail that back. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it! And I’m sending your mailbox lots of good vibes so that your shoes will get here soon!

  4. Make sure your stretching and foaming your hamstrings, hips, quads, etc. If your going to stretch then stretch everything. If your going to foam, don’t foam calves alone .

    • Thank you Reap House, I should have clarified, I do foam roll everything and I do have several stretches that I sometimes do before I run and sometimes after. And sometimes I foam roll before rather than after I run. A few years ago a sports doctor that treated me gave me that advice and it has worked well for me. 🙂

  5. Play the lottery!

    While running, I’ve only found a drivers license…of a guy ahead of me.

    I’m holding off on new shoes until next month. I have inserts that I’m using until then.

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