Sadly, this ink is indelible.

I can honestly say, unequivocally, that this is one of those times that I can truly say thank God it’s Friday!

We are down south at our house in Nokomis. We planned on getting here around 8 last night but that didn’t work out so well. We arrived just before 11PM last night and I am so tired today. Thankfully I had a rest day planned and I am not running this morning.

Yesterday afternoon MacGyver went to a jobsite that required a special and very expensive drill that he owns. He went to his truck to retrieve it but it wasn’t there. He came home around 4PM yesterday and was frantic because no matter where he looked, he couldn’t find it. I was positive it was somewhere in the hoard that normal people call the garage.

garage of hoarding

This is not our garage, however, if you imagine this times 25, it’d be close.

Convinced the drill wasn’t in our garage MacGyver called a few clients to see if maybe he left the drill on site but no one had seen it. He was convinced he’d been robbed either on the jobsite or in a parking lot somewhere.

I thought he should play back the security footage from our cameras thinking he’d see himself take it out of the truck and then know that it was somewhere in the unorganized garage but I couldn’t say that because he would insist it was stolen.  So instead I said, ‘Why don’t you look through the video surveillance while I pack up the car and see if anyone stole it?”

He went for it.  He thought that was a great idea.

After an hour or so MacGyver was complaining that it was hurting his eyes to keep staring at the video and asked me to take over so that he could pack a few things.  I reluctantly agreed and sat there for about fifteen minutes watching bugs and tree limbs blowing  and thinking this was probably one of my worst ideas ever and then he returned.

Just as I was about to get up…

what the hell is that

What the hell…..

that’s when I saw the hooded guy going through BOTH of our cars!

At 12:30AM Wednesday morning. Less than 20 feet from my open bedroom window. Where the dogs slept on the bed with us and never barked.  Where I had just gone to bed a mere 20 minutes earlier that night.

And not only had he stolen from MacGyver’s truck but he also stole from mine.  I didn’t even know that he had taken all of the cash and change out of my car.  I hadn’t even had the chance to miss one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses.  I didn’t even know what, if anything else, had been in my car…. So the police were called.

We could see everything, the lookout guy, the perpetrator, the theft, his face but none of that matters.

It doesn’t matter unless his fingerprints are on file. Or unless we see him again. CSI came out and dusted both cars. They also took MacGyver’s fingerprints, and mine, and our DNA, to rule us out and narrow down any foreign fingerprints or DNA.

We left the video for the police and the kid is staying at the house to keep an eye on everything for the next few days. MacGyver doesn’t want me to mention this to the parents, (so Philly and Lynne if you’re reading, mums the word.)  I’m just pissed. Mainly because this asshole took his time. He spent over 15 slow minutes in our cars without a care in the world and all while we slept.

My hands are still stained blue from the fingerprint ink. A reminder that my peace of mind and my safety cannot be guaranteed.

Has anyone ever broken into your house or car?
What was the outcome?

8 thoughts on “Sadly, this ink is indelible.

  1. Oh man, that is terrible!!! I’m so sorry to hear this. And you were even home when it happened? Ugh! I hope they can recover your stuff.
    My house was broken into shortly after it was built. We were living in a neighborhood that was being built, so there were lots of construction workers and such around. We were out of town on vacation and they just kicked in the front door! They stole TV, stereo equipment, leather coats and even some frozen pizzas! Luckily no jewelry (actually I only have wedding rings, nothing else much of value). Also luckily they didn’t damage our new house! It could have been much worse. They never did find any of our stuff or catch the robbers. The break in was discovered by my friend who had stopped by to feed our cats. And SUPER luckily, no kitties escaped or were harmed 🙂

    • It’s always the animals I worry about, isn’t that crazy. I’m so glad your kitties were okay. It’s so sad when thieves are so callous that they endanger our little animals. That makes me angrier than anything!

  2. Sunuvahbitch. I hate thieves. As much as I hate puppy killers, child molesters, and communists.

    Funny, but not funny, my house was broken into last May. It was a bit surreal. but not so bad, as I had flashbacks from when my crappy apartment was broken into when I was in college. So it was like that but on a larger scale. Sigh. soooooo….seriously, this is the truth. I was bummed. But I got over it.

    I was pissed they stole all my fancy purses (2 Louis, 3 Ferragamo, 1 Chanel) …but they left my extensive shoe collection. I was pissed they stole my Tag watch…..but they left my Garmins (plural). I was pissed they stole my Mikimoto pearls…..but they left my dumb dog unharmed.

    Moral of story. It’s ALL just “stuff”…..and I really got over it, shockingly rather quickly. And I LOVE stuff. Money CAN buy me happiness, cux I love stuff. That’s the bitter irony.

    What it really boils down to….is that shit can ALL be replaced. If you can replace it with money, it’s not a problem (and i didn’t even use my home insurance, as i didn’t want my rates to go up).ALL that really matters is your health. Health is life. And a healthy life is too short to worry about “stuff”….and once you stop caring about your stuff so much, you’ll feel less fear.

    I have a gun in case they try to take my health. haha. no seriously i like guns.

    ps. that dusting for fingerprint shit they use doesn’t come off nice furniture!….and they won’t find Macgyvers Makita drill set either……just go buy replacement for him 😉

    • Yeah, we’re pretty sure we wont get anything back and that part doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that I like to think that most people are inherently good and then some come along and dare to prove me wrong. 🙁

  3. Hey Flowerjovia, when your upset please focus on the fact that in heaven we are going to get back everything that was taken from us on earth. We are also going to be given a whole lot more. They can’t take our souls. Everything is going to be alright. Take care Flowerjovia

  4. Oh no! That’s awful.

    I had my truck broken into a long time ago. Outcome was I waited a couple of hours for the police to never show (guess they don’t come out for that) and had to get my dashboard replaced. They did a lot of damage when stealing my stereo.

    • That is terrible! So sorry you had to go through that. I thought waiting 15 or 20 minutes for someone to come out was bad but if they wouldn’t have shown up, I think I would have lost it. That sucks. I hope kharma was quick for the person who stole your stereo!

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