Pre-run rituals, don’t judge me!

I got up yesterday morning at my typical time, 5:30AM, and then I spent almost two hours getting ‘prepared’ to go run even though I laid out all my clothes the night before. I do this pretty much every morning with only slight variations, the biggest one being what time I leave. You might think that has something to do with what happens to come up unexpectedly but actually it’s based on daylight savings time because I almost never run in the dark.

Yesterday I didn’t get out the door until after 7:30AM which prompted MacGyver to ask me why it took me over two hours to get prepared to go run and also gave me the idea for this post. Pre-run rituals are unique to individual runners but today I thought I’d share some of mine. Maybe I should preface this post with a simple fact, I’m weird.

running's my jam

As I stated before, I wake up around 5:30AM in the morning. That time can vary but typically, it doesn’t. The first thing I do is head to bathroom because I usually have to pee like a race horse. Most mornings I almost finish just before Hank burst in the door to let me know that he needs to pee too. Trust me when I tell you that I’m very thankful for that because the alternative means that I’ll have to add cleaning up dog pee to the ritual and that doesn’t make me a happy camper!

After taking the dogs out I usually make my coffee which serves two purposes, it wakes me up and, ahem, gets things moving if you know what I mean. In case you don’t, let me spell it out for you, it means another 15-20 minutes in the bathroom. I thoroughly enjoy this time because this is usually when I catch up on the important news stories by reading Runners World and People magazine, the pertinants and such.

Sometime around 6:15, feeling lighter and much more informed about the days news, I get dressed. My clothes are waiting for me because I always lay them out the night before, always. If my running clothes are not ready and waiting, I’m not running. Period.
After I get dressed the schedule varies slightly. Sometimes I have a bit of work to finish before I run, sometimes I do paperwork for MacGyver and sometimes I’ll post on the blog but I always check my emails, respond to the most important ones and prepare my work day so that I can get to work as soon as possible when I finish my run.

Around 6:30 MacGyver gets up and I usually make the bed and pick out my work day clothes which I lay in the bathroom so they’re ready after I return from my run and take a quick shower. (I just realized I spend half my life preparing so that I have more time?)

Around 6:45 I have my second cup of coffee and walk around the house to pick up and straighten up and then I take the dogs out for a second time.  After letting the dogs out I stretch and warm up for around 5 to 10 minutes. I grab a few pieces of butterscotch and put them in my Spibelt along with my debit card, a few dollar bills and my key. I put my iPhone in a Ziploc and put in my headphones. And then, between 7 and 7:30, (depending on daylight savings time), I head out to run.

and I ran...

Now, the important thing here is how important the pre-run ritual is because if any part of it goes awry I could, at any moment, erupt into psychotic behavior which my family is fully aware of and yet occasionally they still allow it to happen. Those silly, silly people.

Now, I want to hear about your pre-run ritual, tell me something that you do every day before you run.

8 thoughts on “Pre-run rituals, don’t judge me!

  1. we ARE sisters from different mothers! damn.

    mine is JUST like yours, minus all the crap you take in a “belt”…..i can’t handle anything extra. no phone, music, nothing jangling, hanging,tied, etc….can’t run restricted….i barely like taking my one house key. ANd I’ll cut my hair of my double knotted pony gets too long that it falls out of my hat.

    i get rituals. i love them.

    • What happens if your watch isn’t charged or your music doesn’t play? I’m only asking because these are the things that haunt me and make me feel like I need sooooo much time to prepare. Do you still run?

      • My music charges quickly (I have the Walkman which is headphones with built in mp3) I think 3 minutes gives me an hour’s worth of music. I charge my watch pretty frequently but sometimes it takes awhile to lock on to satellites.

        I’d still run but it’d be a sucky run!

        I also don’t run in the morning (except races and group runs).

        • I’m one of those people that has to start doing things by 8am or my whole day is spent on the couch with the dogs, seriously my brain is just programmed that way. I know that sounds bad but I only lay around like that about once every 3 months and I figure on those days, I deserve it 😉

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