The Courtney Campbell Trail is breathtaking…even if you have to poop

So yesterday morning I got up and I was all prepared from the night before.  The coffee pot started brewing at precisely 5:50AM, my clothes were all laid out in the bathroom, my shoes were in the hallway and my electronics were all charged and ready to go on the kitchen island.  The only problem I had that morning was the inability to poop but I decided to run anyway.

Since my sister-in-law is in town and she’s been back into running for a while, I have someone to run with.  She was all ready to go that morning and so I went into the kitchen and put on my fitbit and then I picked up my Garmin to put it on.


Are you kidding me?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  MacGyver saw that my Garmin was at 100% the night before so he unplugged it.  Unfortunately something must have been running and now, it was dead.  I immediately yelled at MacGyver who responded with the usual, “why do you need a Garmin anyway?”

‘Because I’m training’, I said.   Then he asked for what and I’m all like, ‘the god damn senior Olympics, what the hell does it matter, don’t unplug my shit!’

Fortunately though MacGyver is a miracle worker and he not only calmed me down he made an excellent suggestion and told me that I should take my SIL down to the Courtney Campbell Trail, the trail that runs parallel to the Gulf of Mexico.

Excellent choice.  MacGyver got a reprieve and you get to see one of the most awesome trails ever.


cc trail 2

I mean, seriously?

CC Trail 3

I live here!

CC Trail 4

That’s my sister in law behind me.

At about mile 3 we turned and headed back because about that time nature called me and she wasn’t gonna hang up and try again.


We ran the three miles back to the car and I managed to somehow stall the nature train so we walked into the water for a brief few minutes and chilled our calf muscles and our feet.

Gulf of Mexico

The water was calling….



And then we headed home and that was my day in running.

Have you ever freaked out if one of your gadgets wasn’t charged?

Have you ever ran near the ocean?

WTF Wednesday, as the crow flies

I’ve been doing my best to keep on track with my plan.  Y’all would be impressed with my ability to develop ways to keep my interest up and disguise my actual work outs as super fun and exciting events.

My sister in law, niece and nephew came to town Monday night and we’ve been having so much fun.  My niece Robin is such a little trooper.  She loves hanging out with me and so I thought I could use her to help me ‘like’ my yoga workout.  Since I love teaching little kids and she is always a willing participant I asked her if she wanted to do yoga with me.

‘I would love to do yoga with you’, she said and I figured since she’s only six and probably doesn’t know that much about yoga we could start with something really simple.

I asked her if she knew how to do downward dog.  “No”, she said and my sister-in-law and I proceeded to tell her how to do it.   She started to do it but then she turned to me and said, “I think I’ll just do a crow pose.”

crow pose

Allrighty then, I’ll just be over here, um, eating crow.

Kids!  Keeping us humble since the beginning of time.

WTF, it must be Wednesday, and I’ve just been schooled by a six year old!

The plan

As I’ve gotten older, especially in the last few years, I’ve realized how much longer it takes my body to heal.  I used to bounce back from injuries in no time at all and I take great pride in how strong my body actually is but just like a classic car, you need upkeep and maintenance.  Otherwise, things fall apart and everything goes to shit.  You don’t just run out of gas anymore, things break and fail.

broke down car

I feel your pain muscle car, I do.

Any runner will tell you how important strength training and cross training is but if you ask 100 of them I’d be willing to bet that over half say they don’t really like it.  Some might even say they hate it.  You can put me in the some category because I’m that girl.  Be that as it may, after all these years I’m going to finally learn how to like (and maybe even love) cross training and strength training and I’m giving myself a whole year to fall in like or possibly love.

cross training

By now I should be familiar with my body and I think I am.  I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’m pretty sure of the time it takes me to develop good habits and also the time it takes me to sabotage my fitness and my diet.  Unfortunately it doesn’t mean I do all those things to keep me strong and healthy on a regular basis, well until now.

this sucks

Since the first part of December I’ve been working on a year-long plan.  I thought I would be ready to start January 1st but I wasn’t quite ready until this month.  Thus began the journey which I call:

1 year of learning to like the shit that I really hate or for blog purposes we’ll used the abridged version,’ the one year plan’ and here it is:

Spring – Strength

Lucky for me, spring is usually the time I start slowing down because it heats up pretty fast down here in Florida.  Typically in the spring I would slow down and spend more time on other things not necessarily fitness related, but since this year is all about 1 year of learning to like shit that I really hate the one year plan I’m using March, April and May to work on my overall strength and muscle imbalances.  My goal is alternating 3-4 different strength workouts weekly.    I’ll be using lots of Youtube videos which I will happily share with you.  Mostly I’ll be doing barre, yoga, and kettlebell workouts.  And for muscle imbalance and strength workouts, this girl is an excellent source for info.   I’m also in the process of dusting off the ol’ bike for some cross training.  Who is this girl?


I’m learning to like it…sort of.

Summer – Speed

Yeah, I know that summer is hot.  It’s especially hot down here which is why I don’t like running far in the summer and when I do, I slow way down.  Since I’ll be using the spring to work on my strength I’m positive by summer I’ll be ready to add speed and although I won’t be able to run great distances at fast speeds, I’ll still be able to get some 800’s and some tempo runs in.  Most importantly my ankle will be better and I’ll introduce hills because we all know hills are awesome speed work in disguise.  I’ll be alternating two speed workouts a week and I’ll share them with you as well.

Fall –  Farther, further, far-est, far, you get the point.

With the cooler temperatures in fall it’s a perfect time to work on increasing distance.  Which is exactly what I’ll be doing.  I’ll be doing one long run a week and one semi long tempo run each week.

Winter – Winning!

Winter is all about nailing the goal.  And here’s the big reveal.  The year-long plan will culminate in my participation in the Clearwater Ultra 50K!  I’m also going to attempt to PR in a 10K and a half marathon but I haven’t decided on which ones yet so I will post about that at a later time.

Throughout the months I’ll be posting challenges so that you can train along with me if you want.  I’m also open to challenges so if you wanna throw one at me, go for it.  Every Monday I’ll recap the previous week and you can tell me about yours in the comments.

So come on, join in the 1 year of learning to like the shit that I really hate plan with me.

the one year plan

Why wait? Start now!

In other news, Hank is doing well.  He had 8 teeth pulled but he’s got pain medicine to ease his pain and he gets to eat soft food for at least a week so, bonus.

Hank sleeping

Resting Comfortably, very comfortably.

My sister in law and niece and nephew arrived from Virginia last night so I had someone to run with this morning and we’re about to embark on a week-long Spring Break party, well as much as a 6 and an 11 year old can party.  You’d be surprised.

How is your week going so far?
Are you going to join me in my training plan?