New Shoes, Oh Cheesus!

As much as I love my PureFlow’s, and I do, I need to change shoes.  I’ve compared the new 5’s to the 2’s and 3’s I’ve been wearing for years and there IS a difference.  It’s so minute that I didn’t really notice it but it’s just enough that it is affecting my Achilles.

I went to two different running stores and tried on literally ALL the shoes and the choice has been made but I’m keeping it a secret until they arrive…but here’s a hint.



I ordered two pairs from one of my favorite stores because I had a huge discount and it just made sense.  (Don’t worry I spent money at both running stores as well because, support.  Not Shopaholic.)

MacGyver and I are heading towards Venice for the weekend.  We had planned on leaving in the late afternoon (which to mean means after 2PM)but he finished all of his work so somehow that turned into, ‘I’d like to get out of here by 10AM.’  He kills me!  KILLS ME!

Apparently the man does not realize what a control freak I am.  Uh, schedule bitch, I have a schedule!

I may not even give him the new present I ordered for myself him.

grilled cheesusIt’s a sandwich press in case you were wondering.  Because everyone should have a grilled cheesus.

Since I am not running this week because I am smart, we’ll be in Nokomis, Venice and Englewood, and I am determined to walk on the Legacy Trail.  Hell, I might even get on a bike!  A. Bike.

And with that I need to get scootin’ because apparently MacGyver has already packed the car and God only knows what he has picked out for me to wear.  Forget the fact that it will be something hideous, I’d bet my good leg it doesn’t even match.  The man has an affinity for purple and green, it’s downright scary!

What are your plans for the weekend?
What running shoes are you wearing currently and why?    (This is for scientific purposes and I must know….)

7 thoughts on “New Shoes, Oh Cheesus!

  1. My current pair are Brooks Defyance. I think I’ll get a new pair this weekend. My heels are a bit tender after I run.

    I plan to try all different kinds.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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