Is Nike changing the future of running?

Not only because of my current injury, (retrocalcaneal bursitis), but also because I’ve dealt with Achilles Tendinitis in the past, it’s no secret that footwear is of the utmost importance.

I won’t be ready to try running again until next week but what I am able to do is look at some of the current running shoes available and make a list so that I can head over to my running store and try them. While in the process of doing this I came across the latest shoe that Nike has developed and although I’m not typically a fan of their shoes, this one is intriguing.

LunarEpic FlyknitThat’s all one shoe.  It looks sort of like a high-top hybrid.   I wonder if you need socks with them or is that sort of taken care of with the built in top?  Nike?

The LunarEpic Flyknit is available today at The only comments I’ve seen are from sprinters or shorter distance runners so I’m not sure how this shoe will work for distance runners but Nike offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, (dirt and all) so you can try them out risk free.

Nike Shoes

Source: Nike’s website, Click on the image to find out more.

You can click on the image above to visit Nike’s website and you can even order a pair of these new shoes which just came out today.  After all, we may be looking at the future….

What are your thoughts?
Does this look like a shoe you would try?  (I’ve never worn Nike for running because they feel all wrong on my feet but these look interesting and I may just try them.)

6 thoughts on “Is Nike changing the future of running?

  1. Why not? As a matter of fact I would buy one pair for everyday of the week. But I don’t have Bozo ‘s cash flow.

  2. Supposedly, marathoners will this spring (per Nike site).

    Nike shoes never fit me. So I don’t know that I’d look into.

    • I’d love to try them because it looks like you could forego socks and lord knows, I have issues with socks! That being said, my feet are typically too fat for Nike’s but I would love to try them 🙂 Nike? Hello, NIKE…. Who am I kidding, they ain’t listening to me! LOL

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