Bubba Teeth

It is definitely Monday.

My weekend flew by, most likely because I spent almost all of it either cleaning the house or working in the yard.  Except for the time that I spent feeding all the birds that drop by and that’s a big chunk of time as well.

Because, Chopsticks is back,


And of course Charles comes around every morning and every afternoon to eat.  If I don’t come right out, he knocks.  Boomer and Hank could care less.  It’s pretty evident in this picture,

Peacock and Lab

Boomer is oblivious that there is a peacock knocking on the door.

I didn’t run on Saturday, instead I did a simulated hike on my treadmill and then on Sunday I ran 8 miles.   I got 34 miles in last week, 30 running, 4 walking.  I also did 3 yoga sessions and 2 strength training sessions.

MacGyver treated me to lunch on Sunday at the Little Greek Fresh Grill.  So worth it.

Little Greek Fresh Grill

And that was the extent of my weekend other than the aforementioned cleaning and yard work, which was just joyous.

This morning Hank is getting his dental cleaning and if this post seems short it is because I’m worried about my little guy.  I had planned on writing all about the new training but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

The vet called me on Friday to let me know that Hank’s ALT was high.  She said typically it should be around 120 but his was 320.  I made the mistake of googling this and all kinds of fear set in.  Fortunately I mentioned it to my Mom and she told me the same thing happened to her Pomeranian before he had teeth pulled because he had an infection.  I’m hoping that is what it is.

Momma's boy

We can’t let anything happen to this little guy.

We are going to have his blood re-tested in a month but in the meantime, Hank is at the vet right now and they’ve already called to let me know he needs at least 8 extractions and the bill is already over a thousand dollars.  Poor thing’s gonna have some jacked up bubba teeth.  So if y’all wanna send Hank a little love, it is much appreciated, cash is good too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with that training plan and some other things but mostly I’ll be glad Monday is over.

What’s the most amount you’ve paid for a vet bill?  I hate admitting this but when Ruby was sick I spent 18,000 dollars on her vet bills.

Do you think 1,200 dollars for a dental cleaning and 8 extractions is a lot?   It seems excessive to me.  Any vets out there?  I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Bubba Teeth

  1. aaweee for the love of dawg!. poor pup and poor wallet. ugh

    gotta do what we gotta do….little hankster needs it. so gotta do it.

    give him oodles of love.

  2. What happened to his teeth? Is this something that happens with small dogs? Hope he’s back and doing well!

    Daisy seems to be doing better today. Whew. I was feeling guilty that I allowed to play with other dogs and wade in the pool. I found some food that has glucosamine in it so I’m starting her on it (plus it seems like she doens’t like her old food much).

    She appreciates the kisses and say now Hank doesn’t have dog breath with his newly cleaned teeth unlike her. 😉

    • The vet said for a dachshund his teeth were not that bad. There was another dachshund in for the same thing but he was a year younger and had to have 14 teeth pulled! Hank broke one of his long teeth several months ago and even though it wasn’t exposing roots or anything we suspect that’s when the decay set in. I brush his teeth daily but the decay was all under the gum line and not easy to see. The vet took x-rays and she was diligent in cleaning and removing any decayed teeth so that hopefully with twice-yearly cleanings, he wont have to go through any more extractions. Although honestly, I suspect he likes the drugs 😉

  3. Poor Bubba-Hank. Seems a little high but probably about right unfortunately (seems it’s a bit more gulf side). Plus it just adds up!

    I spent about 4000 last year on cancer treatment, just having the tumor removed. I wouldn’t pay for anything more really as she’s over 13 and I don’t think it would appreciatively improve things for her (she’s still happy and spunky overall. I wouldn’t do chemo).

    She came back from boarding yesterday and was having trouble with her back legs. She rested a lot yesterday evening so I’m hoping she’s just need rest otherwise I’ll take her in.

    • I hate that vet care is so expensive. MacGyver says I get suckered into extras but I’m not sure about that. Poor Hank is still at the vet and counting the blood work we did beforehand, we’re at over 1,600 dollars now. It seems a bit pricey and now I’m worried that they’re taking teeth that they didn’t need to take.

      I hope your girl is okay and I would have made the same decision. At 13 I would think chemo would be so hard. Let me know how her legs are and give her a kiss from me and Hank 🙂

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