WTF Wednesday, whats on my mind besides levi’s.

Over the weekend I wanted to get a bit of yard work done. Most of the projects were jobs I could do myself, except for one thing.

My neighbor has an Australian pine tree near the dogs fenced in area and it constantly drops needles and roots little trees into my yard. That damn tree is ruining my life. It’s hard to cut the limbs that grow over because they’re up so high. I’ve ask MacGyver to cut it a few times with the chain saw but he kept putting it off.

So I had the bright idea that if I climbed up the ladder with my little axe and started chopping those f*cking limbs off he’d man up and pull out the chainsaw, and he did.

my axed finger

Right after I chopped into my knuckle with the axe.

I bought a pair of Levi’s in December and I wore them the first time about 3 weeks ago. MacGyver and I were going out to eat and afterwards as were leaving the restaurant MacGyver said, ‘your butt looks really good in those jeans’ so the next day I bought 9 more pairs.

I’ve worn them at least 10 times…..I was positive MacGyver would comment on my awesome ass at least once more but…..crickets!

A user on Imgur asked his wife to draw him a picture of what was on her mind. He thought it was great and so he posted it and it’s definitely spot on.

inside a womans mind

In light of that I decided to draw a picture of what’s on my mind and I planned on posting it but when I got to the 3rd page I figured it might be a tad obsessive, just a tad.

Ah wtf it’s Wednesday and those are my moments from the week, now tell me some of yours.

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