WTF Wednesday, I failed at parenting and coffee filters.

Y’all I have failed at parenting, big time. I’ve let myself down, the kid down, MacGyver and the entire vegetable industry. I’ve let them all down. I sent the kid to the grocery store for an onion and he came back with garlic. Where did I go wrong?


In the kids defense he has a scientific mind. And he doesn’t like onions anyway!

I may have told you that MacGyver has been watching youtube videos like crazy recently. It’s our nightly TV viewing as of late. Anyway, he had a series of videos in the cue last weekend. Most of them were boring guy videos like how to make a forge and how to make your own swords. But one of them caught my interest. After watching it I was appalled and I can guarantee you that I will never eat this ice cream again.

What the hell is in ice cream that would keep it from melting for over a week or even a full month! The only thing that comes to my mind is embalming fluid.

Why couldn’t MacGyver find a video like this about Wendy’s Frosty’s and Reeses Peanut Butter cups because then all my problems would be over.  I’d quit you Wendy’s and Reeses, I would!

You may know that I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. Huge. I love all that is Daryl Dixon. I have said since the first season that if Daryl Dixon ever dies the Walking Dead will be dead to me. This week I read that there are certain indications that point to the demise of Daryl in the season 6 finale. I was already to start a riot but then Jesus took the wheel.

Jesus from the Walking Dead

Oh Jesus…

Last week when we got back from vacation I realized that I was almost out of coffee filters. Since I had to go to Walmart to pick up medication I figured I would get some then. I got the medication, some soup, Gatorade, lactaid and other crap but I forgot the coffee filters.

The next day I had to go to Walmart again because they didn’t have one of my medications the previous night. (I think that’s a ploy they use to keep you coming back because no one ever goes into Walmart and comes out with one thing, no one.)

One thing at Walmart, nope
I figured since I had to go pick up the medicine I’d get coffee filters.  Of course the medicine wasn’t ready and was going to take 15 minutes so I ran over to the food aisles to get a few things for dinner that night. I got some soup, sour cream, cheddar cheese and biscuits. (I made creamed chicken with biscuits last night, it was low fat and delish.) I also got my medicine but again, I forgot the coffee filters.

After dinner the kid and I ran over to Walmart because I realized I was out of magnesium and by now you should realize that once again I forgot the coffee filters.

forgetting shopping list

Dammit, I never remember my list. Someone should make a purse with a built in chalkboard….

This morning I was completely out of coffee filters and yes we have a keurig but one cup of coffee at a time, in my opinion, is for beginners. I refuse to use the thing except for tea, otherwise, it’s useless.  Coffee should be made by the pot. period.  Who drinks one cup of coffee anyway?  Just, why?

So I created my own filter by using a paper towel, and for the most part it worked but I’ll be headed over to Walmart shortly for coffee filters… just as soon as I pick the coffee grounds out of my teeth.  Hopefully I remember them this time.  It’s quite possible I could get distracted by the reeses peanut butter cups and the Wendy’s that is located right in front of the store.  Dammit.

WTF, it must be Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, I failed at parenting and coffee filters.

  1. I am digging on Jesus too. He’s hot and mysterious but I really hope he doesn’t replace Daryl. I don’t know how I feel about the Richonne thing, but one thing for sure is I can’t get enough of that show.

    • I know right? I’m obsessed and I love the comic books too. We are going to our cabin in Holopaw this weekend and I’m making MacGyver leave early to come home because I have to see the dead, seriously obsessed over here 🙂

    • This is gonna sound bad but I have the local grocery store app on my iPhone so I can read my list and get special savings and I almost always forget my damn phone! I am missing that gene, I can’t seem to …..oh yeah, the remembering things gene. Yeah, I don’t have it.

    • I definitely think there’s a need for a chalkboard purse. I mean, I never forget my purse, its the one thing. However, I do forget whats inside of it. A chalkboard on the outside is the perfect spot for a list, don’t ya think? 😉

  2. Are you laughing at my amateurness of coffee drinking? I am barely able to drink one cup now…..and funny story….I bought coffee…..but did not realize it needed a machine, now THAT is embarrassing!!!!

    Also, VERy disturbed from learning about that ice cream. Ick!

    Happy Wednesday friend!

    • Well, at least you remembered the coffee and that’s the important thing 😉 Of course I’m going to have to make you some of my salted caramel fresh ground coffee and then you’ll be hooked. Happy Wednesday! And I love your new pics running in London, they’re awesome.

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