WTF Wednesday, fitbit says, it’s a boy!

Remember when I told you that fitbit actually recorded heartbreak when a user was actually broken up with?  Well, now fitbit has actually helped to reveal a woman’s pregnancy. Really. Check out this post on reddit.


Yesterday I was doing a little, ahem research on youtube, and I saw a video that was so cool  it blew me away. It was a gymnastics tumbling routine which I typically would find boring as all hell but this girl is amazing. You really need to check it out… watch me whip, now watch me backflip, watch me whip, whip, watch me backflip.

We had to take Boomer to the vet on Monday for a wellness exam and also to discuss starting therapy for his arthritis. Boomer was not happy about it at all. First of all, he absolutely despises the vet but worse than that, they put him on a diet. A. Diet.

They gave him anti-inflammatory medicine and some pain medicine that we are supposed to give him until the inflammation subsides but since he’s never really been on any medication before MacGyver and I looked up the pain medicine and we thought the dose was really high. With arthritis he may have to be on pain medication for the rest of his life off and on, so we don’t want him to become resistant to it. MacGyver and I made the decision to only give him half the dose unless we felt he was in obvious pain. It was the right choice.

I give him one pill in the morning and one in the evening. Yesterday I gave him the pill before his walk and hand to God I swear, five minutes into our walk he laid down in the middle of the street and refused to get up. Within a minute he was snoring. SNORING! He stopped three more times before I got him home. That may not sound so bad except it was a mere 2 blocks!

Boomer the King

I will not sit in the metal box, I sit atop the metal box, I AM THE KING!  Bow to me peasants and bring me the kibble!

The vet also asked me to get a urine sample because Boomer refused to pee while we were there. As a matter of fact I think he was so pissed off at being at the vet in the first place AND being put on a diet that he was already looking for a new family before we even hit the parking lot.

Anyway, just how the hell am I supposed to get a urine sample? The vet gave me a tray and I’m supposed to get him to pee in it and then use the pipette they gave me to siphon it out and put it into a little plastic jar. This should be a piece of cake, right?

Yesterday I took him out and followed him till he started to squat then I shoved the plastic tray under him and then he decided to move forward and proceeded to crush the plastic tray with his rather large paw. FAIL. Later in the day I took him out again and this time I used a large plastic bowl and he actually peed in it but before I could grab it he moved forward, tripped over it, and then spilled all the pee into the dirt. Second fail.

The next time I took him out I decided I would use the big plastic bowl again but I would grab it before he completely finished peeing since they only need a small sample. Everything went as planned until I went to grab it and then he moved and this time, he peed all over my hand and my arm which resulted in me freaking out and I spilled the damn bowl in the dirt. FINAL FAIL.

I’ve decided this is a job for MacGyver and I’m giving up.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and Boomer is still the King.

8 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, fitbit says, it’s a boy!

  1. ooooohhhhh Boomer. I love you more than ever…..

    so now, im gonna get my english pointer (wish he was boomer) some of that fish oil!!!

    ….any particular brand? dose recommendations for a 55 pounder?

    i’ll take Boomer, if you ever tire of his pee.


    • It’s a Boomer world, he just lets me live here 🙂 As for the fish oil, they do make dog specific types but my vet said it was okay to use the human variety. I use Nature’s Made Fish oil 1200 mg. Hank is 14 pounds and he gets 1 a day, Boomer gets 3 a day and he weighs 119. I would start with one a day of the 1200 mg and see how he does and then you could go to 2 a day eventually. I highly recommend it. Boomer’s blood work came back today and the vet said for an 8 year old lab (slightly overweight) his blood work was excellent and other than a touch of arthritis he’s in great shape. Well, except for those 25 extra pounds but he’s an English lab and they’re bigger plus he’s big boned. LOL

      • HAHhahaha big boned. damn. 119 pounds! that’s like dane size.

        he’s better than i thought. danes and black labs are my absolute fave. my first dog was a mix of the two. that mutt broke my heart. broke. nothing hurt as much. ashamed to admit. nothing.

        sigh. dogs do that.

        • Yes, they do. I lost my very best friend in the World ever two years ago. Her name was Ruby Doo and I still can’t talk about it without choking up. She was a walker hound and the most loyal, best friend ever. Loved her so much…. Dogs are just like kids but with 4 legs. 🙂

  2. Without a doubt WTF!

    I never take a sample to the vet. The one time I decided to obtain one (she’d been feeling poorly) I left the bag on the patio and the lawn service threw it away for me lol. I’m sure they were WTF (she ended up feeling better without a vet trip).

    Daisy has weak hips now. She has baby bambi legs. Poor thing

    • Have you given Daisy fish oil supplements? I swear by them. I give Boomer and Hank Omega 3 fish oil every day. Hank gets 1200MG and Boomer gets 3600. I credit fish oil with keeping both of them so mobile. Best stuff ever for dogs. 🙂

      • I give her glucosamine which I think has fish oil in it by the smell 🙁 (not a fish eater) After this bottle is done maybe I’ll switch to fish oil. Does the oil um affect firmness of their stool? I’m pretty sure the gluco does ….based on um personal experience.

        • Boomer takes Glucosamine too but only every other day. The fish oil does not affect his stool and since Boomer can get a little, shall we say greasy, it was a concern at first but thankfully we’ve had no problems. I’d say start with a low dose every other day and work up to once a day once you see how she handles it. If she handles it okay, you’ll love what it does for the skin and the coat. Boomer is so shiny he glows, LOL. 🙂

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