WTF Wednesday, An order of chicken nuggets for the Alligator please….

I get that kids will be kids and teenagers will be teenagers but there comes a point when it’s not just childish, it’s stupid and dangerous. There is a prank that a lot of teenagers play where they order food from a drive thru window and then throw it back at the server. It’s wrong and not really funny at all but they do it. In Florida a young man took this prank a bit further and literally threw a gator in the drive thru window!

Gator in the drive through

Y’all this wasn’t a small gator for crying out loud, it was around three and half feet and while it may not take your arm off, it still packs a punch with those jaws. This seriously makes me reconsider my nightly Frosty excursions….slightly, okay maybe not.

He better be glad it wasn’t me behind that window because you can bet your sweet ass I would have jumped through it and chased his butt all the way back to the drive through and made him kiss that gator. Thankfully, he was identified and arrested and he could face serious jail time.

WTF is wrong with people or is it just Wednesday?
Do you think Gator Guy should go to jail?

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