Tuesday tangents….forever food and Jesse Owens

Not much going on around here today except work, work, and more work but that doesn’t mean I haven’t read or seen a few things lately that I wanted to talk about.  Here are a few things that piqued my interest and might be of interest to you as well.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take a few runcations over the years but I’m always up for more.  Apparently so are a lot of other runners according to this recent article in the New York Post.


The author of the story ran a race in the Cayman Islands and was the third woman overall following a day of snorkeling and kissing a stingray for good luck.  She planned to celebrate running the marathon with an afternoon of wine tasting afterward.  That sounds like a hell of a good time, doesn’t it?  You can read the entire article by clicking here.

I’ve often wondered what kinds of preservatives fast food restaurants use in their food especially since I posted about ice cream that never melts and a McDonald’s hamburger that someone had left in their pocket for years and it still looked the same.

I’m convinced they put something similar to formaldehyde in there, they have to.  Take a look at this Happy Meal.  It’s about the same age as my dog Hank, which would means it’s six years old, SIX. YEARS.

happy meal at six

You can read all about the experiment here.

When he was born he was frail and for the first few years of his life he suffered from bronchial infections and pneumonia.  He also had a really hard time walking.

He had boils on his legs and his mother would boil a knife and cut them out.  He was six before he able to walk to school with his siblings, but by then he didn’t want to walk, he wanted to run.

He is Jesse Owens and in a few weeks a movie about his life comes out.  I cannot wait to see it.

I’m also loving this song by Raury that plays in the trailer.  It’s called Devil’s Whisper and it makes me want to run all the miles!

Tell me something that piqued your interest recently, anything.
Have you ever eaten a Happy Meal?
Will you ever eat another Happy Meal again?

10 thoughts on “Tuesday tangents….forever food and Jesse Owens

  1. ooohhhh wanna see movie!!

    ooohhhh love the happy meal. ugh. LOOOohhHUUVVvvv them….hamburger. with girl toy. my yearly if that treat.

    and soft serve too. sigh.

    ran 8.13 tempo. perfect california sun makes me wanna run forever. forevah.

    ….plus 6 min plank on grass outside as my (not boomer, but wish he was) dog licked my forehead.

    • Six Minutes! Go you! That’s awesome. I’ve been a plank failure this week, but I didn’t manage a few 2 minute ones, so I’m getting back to it. I still have the goal of 10 and I’ll get there…:)

  2. ha! I’m always trying to find someone to travel and run with me (or just travel). I was kinda sad I missed TWO races in 2 countries last year.

    I had a decent run tonight! Not far, not fast but my back isn’t aching (my hips do and I wonder if it’s from sitting so much at work).

    • Sitting definitely screws with my hips. I try to stand up and walk around every 45 minutes and often times I walk on the treadmill at lunch. Oh, and I also work from my bed a few days a month…actually no, I don’t, I forgot those are just the days that I sleep all day. bwahahaha
      But seriously try stretching a few times during the day. It helps.

      • I do try to get up and walk around or complex. I need to do it more.

        OK just saw this: lumo lift helps your posture. I could use something to make me stop slouching!
        (They also have capris/shorts for runners like the ones you posted about. Again, surely we’re not the only women who wear shorts?!)

        • Sometimes I think no one wears shorts anymore, *sigh If it isn’t under 50 degrees, I always wear shorts and even in freezing temps, I prefer capri’s. I sweat god awful like. LOL

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