Thursday, throwbacks and swear words

It’s Thursday already and I’ve got some things to share.

First a quick little throwback.  Let’s go back 6 or 7 years ago when MacGyver and I went to Virginia and then the whole family took a little trip over to Harper’s Ferry.  Me, MacGyver and my sister-in-law climbed upon this rock and made our very own album cover, you know, if we were a 1970’s rock band, which we aren’t.  So I guess it’s just a picture….

rock at harpers ferry

Throwback Thursday, Harper’s Ferry

Yesterday MacGyver picked up some additional cameras for the security system.  We’ve noticed a lot of animals coming around at night and he wanted better cameras with really clear night vision so we can see them.  We also put out some humane traps in the yard to find out whats been digging so many holes.  We caught a cat in less than an hour.

stupid cat

It’s a trap dumbass, now stay out of it!

MacGyver released the Kitty Einstein and then we reset the thing.

This morning I overslept a bit.  I knew MacGyver and the dogs wouldn’t get up before sunrise because they all have fearoffrostaphobia.  That’s when you are afraid of temperatures below 40 and possible frost.  Anyway I got up and got dressed to run but I decided to take out the trash since no one else was getting up anytime soon.  I screamed when I saw this…

rocky raccoonRocky the Raccoon.  MacGyver says I can’t name him because if I name him I’ll want to keep him and we cant have a raccoon.  Too late.

I hope he gets along with peacocks and mallards and wood storks.

Yesterday I was just sitting in my lazy boy watching reality TV doing research when I decided to check my fitbit to see how many steps I needed to reach my goal for the day.  I scrolled through all the stats and this was my heart rate….

heart rateI realize that may seem low but I have a really low heart rate.  Most days it hovers around 40-42 unless I’m exercising.  Apparently I go from full on aerobic heart rate to semi catatonic state on the reg.  Go figure.

At some point on the blog I showed you my peacock coloring book that my mom got me and I may have shown you the nautical themed one that the kid got me for Christmas.  I love both of them but I needed something even more therapeutic for the days when all hell breaks lose.  I bought this one…..

Swear word coloring bookI’m already having fun with it…

What’s your resting heart rate?
Do you like to color?
Do you like to swear?

2 thoughts on “Thursday, throwbacks and swear words

  1. I think my HR is anywhere from 90-120? I’ll have to research.

    I like to swear. I love that swear coloring book! Where did you buy it?

    I mostly read.

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