Gastritis is a bitch

On Saturday afternoon we arrived home in Clearwater well rested but exhausted at the same time. Does that make sense?

Even though we were away from the day to day stresses of work we were still running around and doing all kinds of fun things with family which kept us quite busy. In 7 days I only had two of them when I had less than 20,000 steps a day. Obviously vacations are good for my fitness!

vacation planner

Sadly, I’m that girl…I plan all the activities down to the last detail.

Fortunately vacation never really feels like working out but I guess we did do a lot of walking around at the drum circle and going from restaurant to gift shops and I did run a lot on the trail. Here are some highlights.

Shell hunting

MacGyver teaching our niece how to find sharks teeth.


Oh, how I wish but no, that is not MacGyver’s ferrari., even worse, it’s not mine either….



The closest I like to be to a gator. It’s a safe bet I would have no problem eating this one.

me and lynne

Me and the beauty behind the damsel fly project

the family

The family enjoying the drum circle.



Remember when I said gone fishin’, I meant it!


Me and Hanky poo

A little puppy love.

On Friday I had an appointment with my doctor to once again discuss my headaches as well as my recent stomach troubles. Turns out I have a case of gastritis, an infection, and a possible ulcer. I’m on 2 types of antibiotics and an H2 blocker which helps to cut down on the excess stomach acid.

I started the medications late Saturday night. They do tend to make me nauseous and they also give me a headache, (how’s that for irony) but that’s not the worst part, antibiotics can also cause dehydration.  Depending on whether they affect your potassium, sodium or calcium, you can experience muscle cramps, fatigue, an irregular heart beat and even changes in your blood pressure. And guess what, I happen to be one of those people who always gets dehydrated while taking antibiotics.  In fact, I get dehydrated without them so it’s like a double whammy for me.

I vowed not to let it happen this time and I drank so much water I drank I had to get up to pee 6 times during the night. For that reason I cut my Sunday long run to 8 miles. Apparently even that was too long because I ended up with a migraine so I may have to cut back on the long runs for the next month because yes, I’ll be on the medication for at least that long. I won’t even know the extent of my stomach problems until I see a specialist and I’m sure there will be more test so I’ll be taking extra care not to do any more harm.

Dehydration is no joke and neither is gastritis, even though I’ve been able to get even with MacGyver with my own dutch oven’s.  😉

dutch ovenThat being said, I’ll still be running just maybe not as long as I’d like to. And now, I need to get myself  to work.

Tell me about your weekend, did you do anything fun?
Have you ever had an ulcer or gastritis? How long did it take to heal?

6 thoughts on “Gastritis is a bitch

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    I just signed up to do Sarasota. I checked your race review and noticed I commented that I thought I was done with longer races. I keep saying that and then I keep signing up for Halfs lmao At least it’s close to the end of the season…

    • You will love the Sarasota half, it’s so scenic. Have you run it before? The bridge is a little intimidating but after that it’s all gravy and the spectators are soooooo awesome! 🙂 I wish my stomach were better, I’d run it too.

        • It’s a really beautiful course and it has variety, you run over water, through the city and through a charming little neighborhood. If I’m at my house in Venice during the race, I’ll try to come cheer everyone on. 🙂

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