Friday phone photos and boomerball

Happy Friday!

We had a cold front that blew in yesterday and it was preceded by a shit ton of rain. Do you know what happens right before it rains?  The wildlife goes crazy!  The kid and I went out to run a few errands and when we returned I was in the front yard when an osprey flew right over my head and almost hit me with the rat in his talon.  I swear.

This is him in the tree a bit later.


I’m pretty sure he probably dropped the rat bones on the roof of my jeep….bastard!

It was creepy.

The kid got a new car and he wanted to drive me around yesterday.  We were sitting at a stop sign and I noticed there was a fairly large mack truck right on our ass.  This is what I saw when I turned around…

Yep, that's a mask. Hilarious.

Yep, that’s a mask. Hilarious.

It didn’t make me feel all that comfortable since the kid’s car is the size of a small lazy boy chair.  However, while I was in the car, I took a selfie because embarrassing your children is a right of passage.

selfie in the car

Hey Kid, Look! I know how to selfie.

Is it bunny season or bunny mating season?  I ask because lately I see those little critters everywhere, most especially when I’m running in the morning.  I’ve seen one every single morning for the last few weeks.

Random bunny number one

Random bunny number one, hello there cute fellow.


Random bunny number two, I want to take one home.

I’m pretty sure if I brought one home the dogs would not be happy.

Have you played this new game yet?  It’s called Boomerball.  You throw the ball to Boomer, he catches it and then he keeps it.  Repeat until you run out of balls, game over.

boomer ball

Boomerball, Boomer always wins.  Check out Hank’s tongue for the photobomb.

And because this picture is just too cute, here’s little Hank giving me stink eye.


What are you looking at?

And Hank’s new bed…or what MacGyver calls “the most ridiculous waste of sixty dollars ever.”

Hank in Bed

Close the curtains, I need privacy please.

And one last dog picture because I can’t help myself and also because it’s cute.

dogs and cookie

Hey man, if you don’t want the cookie, I’ll take the cookie. Seriously, I’ll eat the cookie for ya…

And that’s it.  I’m going for a run.  I’ll check in over the weekend.

What are you doing this weekend?
Are you running?  Long run?  Race?

6 thoughts on “Friday phone photos and boomerball

  1. I’ll play Boomerball! Will he catch more than one in his mouth?

    I am going to try a short run this weekend, maybe go to Orange Theory fitness. I’ll probably run around noon and hope it’s pretty warm out; we got the cold front too.

    Next weekend is A1A. I’m hoping for warmer than Miami (and the last time I did A1A)!!

    • Boomer can catch and hold up to 3 tennis balls, boys got mad skills! He’s always ready to play too 🙂

      I’ve always wanted to run A1A but it usually falls smack in the middle of Best Damn Race and Gasparilla. I should have done it this year since I’m not running either but I’m sticking to my plan and not racing for a bit longer…more on the plan later 😉

      But…I want to hear all about A1A so definitely let me know how it goes. And good luck!

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