Dogs, Mermaids and the Venetian Waterway Trail

After running six miles yesterday and quickly walking the dogs, MacGyver and I loaded up his truck, hooked up a john boat and headed down to Nokomis. My sister-in-law and niece are in town and we wanted to get down here as soon as possible to spend the week with them.

Hank loves to drive

Don’t worry man, I know how to drive….

Boomer in the car.

Let’s go people, I’m ready to go.

We got here a bit early because on Friday of last week I learned about a house that went on the market and it was located in our dream retirement spot. When MacGyver and I first bought a house down here we looked in that area but nothing was available that was in our price range. There are only 13 homes on the street which overlooks the bay and most of the homes were older and had been sold and remodeled, except for 3 of them.

Those 3 homes were outdated and old and they were our only hope since those were the only ones we could likely afford.  Every time we drive the boat out to the Venice inlet we look at those houses and wonder if any one of those three would go up for sale. We watched as two of them finally showed up on the market and then we were heartbroken to learn they were both sold before we ever saw the listing.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that the very last house was for sale and by some act of nature, it was still available but we had to hurry.

Unfortunately when we met with the realtor we learned we had to make a decision by 5pm. As in 4 and a half hours later…..Goodbye dream retirement location. The quest continues.

My sister-in-law and niece arrived in the late afternoon and so we headed over to Englewood for a family dinner at our absolute favorite place, Left Coast Seafood Co.  As always, it was delicious. I had the Lefty’s pasta because it’s a huge portion and I always take at least half of it home and then I have lunch for both me and MacGyver the next day. It’s a huge portion.

Lefty's Pasta
And on a side note, they have some really cool mermaid décor in the bathroom and scattered throughout the restaurant so we got some good ideas for decorating the bathroom in the Englewood house. Wouldn’t something like this look cute painted on a bathroom wall?

mermaid 1Or this one?

bathroom mermaid
After dinner we went back to the parent’s house in Englewood and hung out for a bit and then MacGyver and I headed back to Nokomis. We went to bed around midnight but I woke up around 2:30am to one of the most insane storms. Actually, let me back up. I woke up because Boomer was trying to climb under me and hide and then I realized it was thundering and lighting and the wind was howling. MacGyver was MIA.

I got out of bed and found him in the living room watching the weather on TV. Maybe he didn’t see all the lightning strikes or hear the roaring thunder and howling wind. Anyway, this morning it’s in the 60’s and sunny as if nothing ever happened because, Florida.

Lastly, I really want to show you a little bit of my run this morning and not just pictures so I pulled out my phone around the third mile while running the Venetian Trail and I took a little video. It’s all kinds of shaky but you’ll be able to see a little piece of my heaven.

Did you run today?

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