Can you feel heartbreak, fitbit says…yes.

In case you haven’t heard about this new app, I’m about to change your world. Okay, maybe not but you will thank me. Dreamscope is amazing because you can turn your photos into works of art. You have been warned, it is seriously addicting.
Check out my works of art:

dreamscope app art 2

You probably know by now that I’m loving my fit bit hr. In fact I’ve gotten so addicted to it and so desperate for ALL the badges that I’ve upped my goal to 15,000 steps a day. It’s surprisingly fairly accurate on the amount of steps but did you know that it has now proven that heartbreak literally does affect your heart?

Koby Soto, the CTO of Guesty was wearing his fit bit when he was dumped. The fitbit graph actually looks like he worked out!  It’s crazy. You can read all about Koby’s experience here. I kind of feel like this is a preview of what the future looks like.  We will all be wearing fitbit’s for detection of any variations in our heartbeats due to any cause.

It’s a revolution people!  🙂

The USA Olympic Marathon Trials are less than two weeks away. Are you going to watch? I’m betting Shalane and Desi take first and second, though not necessarily in that order, but holy moly is third place anyone’s guess.

I wanted to talk about a few of the athletes over the next week. These runners are definite contenders but not as high profile as Shalane, Desi and Kara are.

Today I wanted to talk about Serena Burla 33, from Virginia. She ran a 2:28:01 qualifying time in Amsterdam in 2013 and that was after she lost a large part of her hamstring due to cancer.  I’ve been following Serena for a while and I’m convinced she is one seriously strong contender.

Serena Burla

She recently ran the Chevron Houston half where she was the 11th female with a time of 1:12:39. Serena is definitely an underdog and tends to fly under the radar but I like her and I think she has a good shot at making the team. A really good shot.

A mother, runner and cancer survivor, if you want a glimpse into Serena’s life, you can check out her blog here.

Are you going to watch the Olympic trials?
Have you worn your fitbit during an emotional time, (a break up, a proposal, a car accident, winning the lottery) and if so did it register in your heart rate?

8 thoughts on “Can you feel heartbreak, fitbit says…yes.

  1. Love the idea of a Fitbit for the steps monitoring and fitness goals… but that emotional roller coaster tracking is just crazy! I don’t think I’d want to share trials and tribulations with social media sometimes, nevermind my fitness tracker. Ha!

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