WTF Wednesday, security cameras, shopping and sneezing.

I am trying so hard not to fall asleep right now. No, not because I didn’t get enough sleep but because I required 2 benadryl tablets after my run this morning. Colder weather always f*cks with my sinuses and it’s horrible. I came home after 6 miles and sneezed so hard I was sure I had flung out an eyeball. I didn’t, but I had to take the benedry or risk sneezing out an eyeball later in the day. (I’m not sure if it’s really plausible but I continue to test the theory.)

epic sneeze

I’m pretty sure popping out an eyeball would be way better than this..

MacGyver and I spend an inordinate amount of time watching the playback of our security cameras. Yesterday he turned them on after work to see what we had actually recorded during the day. At one point there was an animal in the front yard. It looked like a Himalayan cat to me but MacGyver tried to convince me it was an albino raccoon, which resulted in me wasting two hours of my life because I wasn’t sure if he was serious or messing with me and I had to consult with google. Turns out it is possible and even though I’m 99 percent sure it was a cat, he has me questioning my sanity.

Tomorrow is MacGyver’s birthday and I had to run out this morning to pick up a few presents for him, and me. When I got back I realized that since we tend to watch the video footage from our security camera way more that broadcast TV I am going to have to devise a new plan for bringing in all my purchases.

It was never a big deal in the past, when MacGyver was at work I would do my shopping and bring the items in while he wasn’t here. As I was bringing my packages in this morning it occurred to me that the possibility of him discovering the actual amount of shopping I do just got real.

oh shit
WTF, it’s Wednesday and I need to run outstide and strategically place a few plants.  😉

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, security cameras, shopping and sneezing.

  1. HOLY SHIT!! ….that video!!!! damn girl. you are seriously awesome.

    most women would find that disgusting….but it’s SOOOOOoooo disgustingly funny!!!

    i bet you bought more gifts for yourself than the man. …..that’s what i do.

    • LOL, that’s one of my favorite videos but then I’ve got the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy hehe. I did buy a few presents for myself but this time MacGyver got a few more…

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