WTF Wednesday, Medals and shoes for all!

I was reading an article about the Powerball jackpot and how much you would actually receive should you win, (which you probably won’t unless you also play my numbers).

I wrongly assumed that you would probably have to give up around 45-50% right off the bat but actually that 1.5 billion dollars could wind up being a mere 500 million or less.

Shit, it’s just not even worth it.

But hey, if you still want to play after hearing that, here are some tips on what to do if you win the lottery.

Or you can ask me because I know exactly what I will do.  I will never work another day in my life.  My new job will be traveling the world to discover all the places I can run and drink beer.  Because I’m pretty sure if I win that much money I will eventually find a beer that I like.  It will also be calorie free, because I’ll pay somebody to make it so.

I will also spend loads of time analyzing all the data I can extract from the tons of fitness trackers and watches I will buy.

I will become your favorite go to for all reviews because I’ll buy all of the new gadgets and goodies first.

I will run any and all races I want to wherever they may be.

I will pay an elite athlete to pace me.

I’ll pay all of my family, friends and complete strangers to come cheer for me.

I’ll pay comedians to write all the race signs.

I’ll pay for every single runner to get a medal AND free shoes at the end of every race.  Every. Single. Race.

Now you wish I’d win, don’t you?

WTF?  It’s Wednesday!

Even if you’ve never played and would never play, tell me what you would do if you won 1.5 billion dollars.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Medals and shoes for all!

  1. I’d pay off the house and my family members’, travel, hire a cook and personal trainer (I guess get my own gym?)…

    I like all of your running ideas! You could hire someone to create any gadget you’d want.

    Have you tried Shinerbock? That’s my favorite.

  2. Can’t imagine I’d stop working – but I’d probably work differently – and less.. And run more.. And leave Scandinavia behind each october and not bother to return until may or so…

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