Tuesday tick tock…time for a billion buckaroo’s

Yesterday morning I woke up a bit late, updated my blog, drank 3 cups of coffee and then debated whether or not I wanted to run. Mainly because I was worried that I would end up with another migraine. But I ran, and I didn’t.

Go me and garmin
Six miles on the Legacy Trail and it was beautiful. Most importantly, I ran 6 miles.

I was able to work in a little speed which was my goal. Mind you, I didn’t do a full speed workout but I did do some fartleks.

Typically those type of workouts bore me because I like facts and analysis and even numbers, random bursts of speed are just so messy.. There’s also the fact that the Legacy trail doesn’t have a lot of discernible landmarks that you can speed up to, or slow down at. So I just invented my own new game. It’s probably something other runners have been doing for ages but it’s new to me.

I put a German techno station on Pandora and since I don’t speak German I was hardly distracted at all. I was a little distracted at times.  (Is it just me or do a lot of male German singers have exceptionally high pitched voices?)  Every time the music sped up a bit I’d run faster and every time it slowed down, I’d slow down.  A lot of it was very fast but I just ran at my comfortably fast pace and it was fun.

That’s the important part, oh, and now I really like German techno music. Disclaimer: I can’t say for sure that it was German techno music, it could have been German Disney, I have no idea because as I said, I don’t speak German.  I barely speak English.

When I finished running I had to rush back to the Nokomis house and get some work done. Luckily I finished shortly after lunch and we headed over to Englewood which is where we are now.

We’ve just been hanging out with the parents and relaxing. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen them and we’re glad to have them back. Now, if only we didn’t have to work…

Come Wednesday that won’t matter because I bought lottery tickets and I’ve got the winning powerball numbers. I’m pretty sure I’m the winner. Yeah, pretty sure.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep working to stave off boredom. It beats watching stupid videos like this one. It’s life changing y’all!  I have no idea why they get so much press with their vapid videos. I’d rather read about transcendental functions in calculus for Christ’s sake!

So, are you going to play powerball?  (If you win will you share with me?)

Do you ever play the lottery?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday tick tock…time for a billion buckaroo’s

  1. hahha….German techno. so redundant.

    never bought lottery ticket. never will. guess I’m not a dreamer.

    me likes all the gear on your wrist….like some wonder woman defense shield. Is the fitbit and garmin syncing?….

    • For the most part. The fitbit tends to be off each mile by about a tenth of a mile. I think it can be adjusted if I enter my stide length in the fitbit dashboard but I’ve been a bit slack about it. I’m still wearing both of them though because I’m so not addicted. 😉

  2. Used to be I only had played when coworkers went in for a group ticket. This last one I bought my own (didn’t get in on the group one).

    I’d share with you 🙂

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