PureFlow’s for under 40 bucks!

Well, I didn’t win the powerball, obviously. I ain’t mad about it because I’ll keep trying and one day I’ll win, something.

Anyway, since I didn’t win the lottery I guess I’ll just have to keep looking for bargains on all my running gear. The best part about that is the fact that I share. Yep, when I find a good deal you can bet your bottom dollar, (hehe, see what I did there) I’ll pass it along.

You may already know that the new Brooks PureFlow 5’s are out and they’re pretty sweet. I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and get a pair. I’ve been wearing the PureFlow line for a few years now and after at least 15 pairs, I’m pretty sure my feet love them. So I found the new ones online at Dicks Sporting Goods for 109.99.

pureflow 5But I’m not one to pay retail so I also found a coupon for 20 off a hundred, which means I got the new 5’s for 89.99!

And guess what, you can too!  I’ve got the code for you. Just enter this code at checkout and save twenty bucks but hurry it’s only good for a limited time.

Enter: HLG6273  at checkout

And because the new PureFlow 5’s are out I correctly assumed that everyone would have the 4’s on sale. I’m pretty famous for finding last year’s models at under 40 bucks and I have to tell you, I outdid myself again.

I found Brooks PureFlow 4’s for 39.99!

Click on the image above or visit JackRabbit.com and get yourself a pair. If you order 75 dollars or more, you also qualify for free shipping. You don’t have to spend the extra 35 bucks but I did because they have a lot of my favorites on sale. Including some of my favorite Brooks shorts.

pure project shorts
I got those for under 15 bucks!

They’ve also got a few Moving Comfort Sports Bra’s fro under 10 bucks, that’s insane. And I love it!

So how’s that for some bargains?  And let me just say none of these links are affiliate links.  I’m sharing because that’s just how I do.

When is the last time you bought running shoes?  (Of course I bought a few pairs or four today.)

Do you like Moving Comfort Sports bra’s?  (I have a few and I love them but I only buy them on sale because they’re sort of expensive.)

10 thoughts on “PureFlow’s for under 40 bucks!

  1. I’m an Asics Gel-Nimbus guy myself – and today I ran in my newest pair – the fifth. I used to be able to just buy each new model as they came out – but due to increasing volume in the last year – I now go through two pairs a year..

    • I used to wear the ascis gel nimbus and gel cumulus, the cumulus were my favorites but then they came out with a newer model and they didn’t fit as well so I moved to Brooks. They are great shoes though 🙂

  2. We just got the Pure flow 5 into work and they are great. (I work at a local running store). I like that they finally removed that side band to widen them up a bit.

    • I am super excited about them. I’ve heard they fit better if you have a wide foot which I do so I’m really looking forward to trying them out. Have you tried them? If so, I’d love to hear your opinion.

  3. Yah, Brooks site has Adrenalines for 80$ reg 120 (last years model)…..BUT like yourself, ima crazy bout getting the cheapest price on the face of the earth….so I went to Sports Basement where they price match, and I get coaches discount so I got them for 65 a pair….bought 6 pairs. cheap cheap. Adrenaline, tried and true 6 years strong.

    However, I don’t go cheap when it comes to running bras….nothing that touches the skin, and like you said….. pay now or pay the waaaayyy more painful route later.

    • I like the Adrenaline too and I wore them a few years ago. Over the summer I tried them again and didn’t like the fit so I went with the Glycerin and I love them for distance but for some reason when I try speed work in them I get pains in my achilles so I haven’t been wearing them much. Kind of a shame too because I splurged and spent 150 bucks on them. but hey, shoes! 😛

  4. I bought my last pair during Brooks’ birthday or maybe it was the running store birthday lol maybe Oct?

    I moved to a different model lately, more cushion (PF stopped fitting me well).

    Those shorts would look like Daisy Dukes on me lol

    I buy Target bras. They have enough support for me. Just got a couple on sale for $12 ea! Kills me to pay $20 or more.

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