Talk about it Tuesday

A few things I want to talk about that captured my interest, just some random things that I’ve recently heard or read about that made me think.

Christine Chubbuck. In 1974, she was a local news person in Sarasota and had a morning talk show. I didn’t live in the area back then and I would have been too young to have been familiar with her anyway but I found it odd that I’m just hearing about her because you would think her story would be infamous.

In 1974 Christine Chubbuck began reading the top news stories on her live television show. Several minutes into the broadcast she read a statement that went something like “…in keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living color you are going to see another first, attempted suicide.”

And then she shot herself in the head. Live. On air.

There is no footage of that day. Her family took steps to prevent it from ever being seen again, thankfully. What makes this story interesting to me is what those around her said about her suicide. That she was depressed, that she was upset at being a virgin at 29, that she may never find a husband and have children. I know why this bothers me but I’m interested in what you think about this young woman’s short life. Recently there were two films made about her and I am really looking forward to watching both of them, mostly because there is so much mystery about who she was and I’d really like to know.

This story about a baby with big ears really got me. In case you didn’t know, I also have big ears but I didn’t have this baby’s parents. This baby’s parents took her to a plastic surgeon…at two months old because well, they didn’t want her to grow up with kids making fun of her. I grew up with kids making fun of me.

big ears

The baby ended up wearing ear wells, a type of splint which flattens out the ears. I guess it’s better than actually having plastic surgery, which they did consider, but is this the right thing to do? The baby’s mother openly admits that she lied to people and told them the ear wells were the result of an ear infection and she also states that the baby didn’t really like wearing them.

On the one hand, I understand exactly what it feels like to be teased for protruding ears but on the other hand, I wouldn’t have ever noticed my ears if other people hadn’t pointed them out, so I wonder how I would have felt if my parents had noticed and then decided on surgery without ever giving me the option of deciding for myself. I’m also not so sure I would have wanted the surgery as a child because as bad as it was, the teasing wasn’t unbearable. That being said, had I been a guy, I might feel differently.

What do you think?
Should parents consider surgery if their child has protruding ears?
What about other imperfections?

Is that a dog? What the?

Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays? Extra credit if you know what movie that came from.

I hope wherever you are today, you’re not dealing with mountains of snow. That stuff just looks nasty. I mean, it’s white and pretty and all, but it just looks mean and nasty.  Well, unless you’re 10 years old and your school is closed, then I’m sure it looks like a little slice of heaven.

If it makes you feel any better we did get some pretty cold weather here.

cold in florida
I got up early Saturday morning to run but the high was in the thirties so I waited until after 8am to get out the door. I managed 9 miles and had no migraine later in the day so I’m pretty happy about that but I won’t lie, it was cold.

running in cold temps
Worse than the cold was the wind. We had gusts of up to 40 miles an hour and twice it blew me off the sidewalk, literally, all kidding aside.  Running into a headwind of 30-40 miles an hour is no joke. I was exhausted after that.

Of course, there is no rest for the weary and I spent the next 8 hours cleaning my house, because I knew we had somethings to do on Sunday and it had to get done. Sometime around the 7 hour mark (and I really mean 7 straight hours of cleaning), MacGyver decided it would be a good idea to finish a project he started around 3 years ago and he started cutting holes in the ceiling.

After he finished with his project, hand to God I swear, he looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘you can go ahead and clean all that mess up now’.


And you can go ahead and write your will now!

He’s still alive, but it’s a miracle.

Sometime around 9pm my neighbor texted me to tell me not to let Hank outside by himself because….

she had just seen a coyote running toward our house.  a. coyote.  As in Wile E.

coyote what?
I kid you not.  We have ourselves a coyote!

Then I got another text from her telling me another neighbor had also seen it.  So MacGyver and I rewound our security camera footage, and holy shit y’all we have a coyote in the neighborhood.

635780182435136123-coyotes(Not my picture but this was in out county, click on the image for the source.)

That shithead ran right past our house and even stopped to peer in the front door!  And he wasn’t small either, he was probably around 60 pounds!

I was going to take a picture of the security cam footage for you but it was filmed at night so it was hard to see but then I figured I’d just google pictures of Florida coyotes. Imagine how surprised I was to see this article first thing. Apparently coyotes are a thing here in Pinellas County, who knew?  Stay tuned for this developing story….And don’t worry, Boomer is protecting Hank.

On Sunday morning I got up and ran a frigid 3 miles before packing up the car.

florida bridge

It may look nice but it was cold!

MacGyver and I got the dogs in the car and headed on down to Venice, which is where we are now. We’ll be here for the next several days getting some things done and visiting the parents. It’s still a bit cold but Tuesday is supposed to be in the mid 70’s so I think there may be some boating in our near future. At least there aren’t any coyote’s out on the water, at least, I don’t think there are.

Have you ever seen a coyote before?  I’ve seen them but never real close
Do you know anything about them?  Tell me what you know, please
What movie did that opening line come from?

Friday, random photos from the phone


Today is another edition of Friday with random photos from my phone, here we go…

Last weekend MacGyver and I went to Nauti Nancy’s with good friends of ours.  After dinner they serve beignets!  I kid you not.


When we were down in Englewood recently, I convinced MacGyver and the parents to go check out Manasota Scrub Preserve with me.  I took this picture while we were there.

manasota scrub preserve

One night while I was at the mall I came out of the last store and saw this beautiful sky.

red sky at night

I saw another beautiful sunset last night.  Sure makes me happy I live in Florida.


Red skies at night!

But don’t get me wrong, it’s been a little nippy here.  I’ve been wearing my warm pajamas.


You know, for those times when MacGyver and I sit around watching our favorite TV show.

security cams

The real security cameras of Clearwater. It’s a huge hit.

Seriously it’s been cold.  I even run with these things in my gloves.

hand warmers

Here’s a random shot I took of the Sunshine Skyway bridge on one our trips down to Venice.

sunshine skyway bridge

How about a random picture of Boomer who happened to fall asleep on my arm.


And a picture of Hank because, well, just look at this face…


He was warning me that Charles was at the door


I didn’t get to the door right away so Charles gave me some ..tude.

plume loombring food peasant


He is so beautiful…

I took MacGyver to Grimaldi’s for his birthday dinner.


I would love to steal one of the chandelier’s….


I got MacGyver quite a few things he wanted including extra batteries for his drone.  That might have been a bad decision on my part.

Since I ran 4 days in a row this week, today was an off day.  I decided instead just to do an easy walk on my treadmill but MacGyver decided to get out his drone and terrorize me…


That would be the drone circled in red flying toward my head.

And those are the most random pics on my phone at the moment.

I intended to write a longer post today but I’ve got a shit ton of work to do, the kid is off work today, MacGyver is terrorizing me with a drone, and my approximate window of sobriety is around 5 hours and closing in so I’ve got to get going.

Tell me what the most random photo on your phone is right now.