Long run headaches, such a pain in the butt!

Good morning from

Englewood Fl

Yep, we’re in Englewood.  Well technically were in Nokomis right now but we came down yesterday and spent the day in Englewood because MacGyver’s parents are in town for the winter. We’ll be going back over to Englewood a bit later today.

I didn’t run on Saturday because I had to take Hank back to the vet so that they could check his paw.

hank goes to the vet

Where are we going again?

The vet decided that we needed to keep it in a bandage because it was still pretty sore.  I also had to go and get him shoes and the instructions were to continue to keep him off of it except to go outside for bathroom visits.

dog with shoes

Headed to see Grandma and Grandpa with my new shoes on….too bad I don’t like shoes as much as mommy!

That didn’t really work out so well.  That’s like winding up a jack in the box and then trying to keep it from popping up without holding down the lid.  He’s was okay with the shoes for the most part until we got to Englewood and then he bolted out twice and went on a few field trips.

I found him both times rather quickly but not quick enough to save the shoes.  It’s a good thing doggie shoes come in sets of four because the little shit only has two left and for the record they cost almost as much as a pair of my shoes!

I only ran once this weekend and that was Sunday morning before we came down south.  First I planked and then I got a long run in.  Well, not super long but long enough.

plank and run

Unfortunately the success I had last week of no migraine didn’t carry over to this week because by 1:30 I was so nauseated.  I couldn’t even think about food and my head felt like it was bursting.  Two dramamines, two ibuprofen, and a two hour nap later, I felt fine.

Exercised induced migraines are a big ass headache and I guess it’s a game of trial and error to find what works.  Lately, it only happens on runs lasting over an hour and a half or more.  I know I’m not dehydrated so I have no clue why it’s happening but I’m going to figure it out and then I’ll share because there has to be a solution and I will find it.

In the meantime, it’s Monday morning, a cold front blew in and it’s 51 degrees.  As I write this I’m staring at the Legacy Trail and it’s calling my name….

To run or not to run, that is the question….okay, that’s totally not a question.  I’ll catch up with you in an hour or so 😉

RIP David Bowie, a timeless and talented gentleman, your legacy will live on.

Did you run this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Long run headaches, such a pain in the butt!

  1. I sometimes get an ‘aura’ of a migraine. It affects my sight…I lose my peripheral vision and see ‘lightening strikes’, but there is no headache. My triggers are definitely bright lights, especially bright sunshine. I also think that not enough fuel and low blood sugar has something to do with it. Like you, I am still trying to figure it out. <3

    • I am so sorry to hear that you suffer from them too. I don’t always get the aura’s but sometimes I do and my vision is similar to bright lights shining through holes. Worse than the vision is the fear because it always makes me feel like I’m having a stroke. I have never lost my peripheral vision but that sounds so scary and I completely feel for you. I feel like I might talk about it too much sometimes, but I always mention it on the blog because I want people to know that I get them too and I’m trying to find a solution and maybe one day I will or someone else will and they’ll share because migraines are such an awful thing to deal with. Hang in there! 🙂

  2. I did a bit over 11.5 (I’m not OCD about the numbers 😉 )but at the end, when I went to stretch I got a charley horse ! It’s still a little tender feeling.

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