He’s going to be okay.

Hey y’all, just a quick little update today.

Hank has really bad allergies and I’ve heard a lot of dachshund’s do.  Anyway, he has a tendency to lick his paws sometimes after a walk because he’s allergic to many grasses and they cause his paws will itch.

You may wonder why we don’t just avoid those types of grasses and the answer is, we can’t.  He’s allergic to almost all of them and in Florida there are so many varieties he’s bound to come across at least one or two of them.  So, we have to wipe his belly and paws off each time he’s been outside and if he does start to itch we have to put his cone of shame on.

the Cone of Shame

When he started licking and itching his paws really badly recently we assumed his allergies were acting up.  I spoke to the vet’s office and they said they’ve seen a lot more cases this year so I wasn’t too concerned.

Until he stopped walking on his foot.

doggie xrays

Once he stopped putting pressure on his foot, I knew there was a problem. So we went for x-rays this morning.

Thankfully, it isn’t broken but we had to have him sedated so that the vet could take a really good look at the paw.

What the vet found was a cut near his paw pad and something had most likely been stuck in between the toes but became dislodged probably from all the biting and licking.  He has a lot of swelling and a bit of an infection so the vet cleaned it all up and wrapped it and he’ll have to stay off if it for a week or so.  There is a chance he could lose the paw pad but overall he’ll be okay.

So, you’ll forgive me but I’m going to spend the rest of the day with my sleepy little boo.

sleepy doggie


I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “He’s going to be okay.

  1. aaweee your baby boy….damn if i don’t love dogs more than people….

    i will keep lil guy in my thoughts. please update as he improves.

    give him oodles of love. oodles.

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