Friday, random photos from the phone


Today is another edition of Friday with random photos from my phone, here we go…

Last weekend MacGyver and I went to Nauti Nancy’s with good friends of ours.  After dinner they serve beignets!  I kid you not.


When we were down in Englewood recently, I convinced MacGyver and the parents to go check out Manasota Scrub Preserve with me.  I took this picture while we were there.

manasota scrub preserve

One night while I was at the mall I came out of the last store and saw this beautiful sky.

red sky at night

I saw another beautiful sunset last night.  Sure makes me happy I live in Florida.


Red skies at night!

But don’t get me wrong, it’s been a little nippy here.  I’ve been wearing my warm pajamas.


You know, for those times when MacGyver and I sit around watching our favorite TV show.

security cams

The real security cameras of Clearwater. It’s a huge hit.

Seriously it’s been cold.  I even run with these things in my gloves.

hand warmers

Here’s a random shot I took of the Sunshine Skyway bridge on one our trips down to Venice.

sunshine skyway bridge

How about a random picture of Boomer who happened to fall asleep on my arm.


And a picture of Hank because, well, just look at this face…


He was warning me that Charles was at the door


I didn’t get to the door right away so Charles gave me some ..tude.

plume loombring food peasant


He is so beautiful…

I took MacGyver to Grimaldi’s for his birthday dinner.


I would love to steal one of the chandelier’s….


I got MacGyver quite a few things he wanted including extra batteries for his drone.  That might have been a bad decision on my part.

Since I ran 4 days in a row this week, today was an off day.  I decided instead just to do an easy walk on my treadmill but MacGyver decided to get out his drone and terrorize me…


That would be the drone circled in red flying toward my head.

And those are the most random pics on my phone at the moment.

I intended to write a longer post today but I’ve got a shit ton of work to do, the kid is off work today, MacGyver is terrorizing me with a drone, and my approximate window of sobriety is around 5 hours and closing in so I’ve got to get going.

Tell me what the most random photo on your phone is right now.

8 thoughts on “Friday, random photos from the phone

  1. You could easily make one of those wine bottle lights 😉

    I hope you include a picture of Boomer surrounded by all of his toys in his blog. My dog doesn’t like toys so I don’t get to see that.

    We’re not as cold over here. This weekend should be cool which is good because I have the Miami half to do.

  2. no seriously. it’s all about Boomer. damn that dog.

    question. your security camera…..i’m certain MacGyver installed with his deft skills. Did he take the easy route?….out of a box?….hoping. If so, can I get some details on what to purchase to have a NonGyver install?

    • 🙂 It’s done, Boomer is going to get a blog day coming soon…

      The system we have is one that MacGyver purchased at Harbor Freight. If you don’t have one near you, they sell them online. It was fairly easy to install and the cameras are decent and also work at night. However, the system only comes with 4 cameras and they aren’t wide angle which we needed to cover our entire property (and MacGyver’s beloved Garag-mahal) so we bought 4 extra camera through amazon. You can find the regular cameras pretty inexpensive too if you just want 4 extra. The system is set up to handle 8 cameras so all you have to do is connect them. Hope that helps…:)

  3. Two things:

    1. You floridians needs to learn about cold. 50 is just about perfect running weather for shorts and a t-shirt. In Denmark it’s about 30 now – and getting a bit nippy. (I have been forced to wear two layers even)

    2. You should seriously have a poll on the blog letting the readers vote for a “special” about either Hank, Boomer & MacGyver – so we can delve a bit further into the life of our favorite co-star 🙂 (#BoomerAllTheWay BTW – though yesterday’s shark picture almost convinced me that MacGyver must be related to Chuck Norris)

    • I can’t do cold, it would kill me. 😉

      Boomer seems to be the star of this blog, with MacGyver and Hank coming in a close second. I’m just lucky they let me write it 🙂 One of these days I plan on putting the gopro camera on both of the dogs so I can post the video’s, I think they’d be hilarious. MacGyver wears the gopro a lot but his videos are downright scary! I can’t even watch them. He’s a bit of a daredevil. I’m pretty sure he’s got the DNA of some type of superhero 🙂

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