Five on Friday

First things first, Hank is doing very well. He goes back to his vet on Saturday morning for a check-up and to get his bandage changed. If everything looks good he could be back to walking in a week.

Now we just have to find him some shoes. I’m pretty sure this won’t be a problem for me. I’m also pretty sure I might actually enjoy the task at hand.

cute dog shoes

Could you just die? These are so cute

If you like the podcast serial, I think you’ll really like the Netflix series Making a Murderer. I started watching it when it first came out and I was consumed by every second of it.  Add it to your list of shows to become addicted to, trust me.

I’ve been wearing both the fitbit and the Garmin for a few weeks now and I’ve got some preliminary results for you. So far the running mileage has not been very accurate, in fact, it’s been off by about a tenth of a mile for every mile I’ve run on average. You can go into your fitbit account and adjust your running stride, which I did this morning.

The only conclusion I can make thus far is that I need to continue wearing both and report back again later.

This version of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box by the South African group Goldfish is insane. I love Julia church’s voice.

The new Brooks PureFlow 5’s Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!

brooks pureflow 5

I need these immediately!

Click on the shoe if you want to see all the new colors.

And with that, I gots to go.

Tell me one of your favorite things this week!  Get Random!

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